Pueblo County Assessor's Property Search: Online property information and maps

Tax Map and Survey Map Search: Looking for specific information not within the online GIS maps? Find an Assessor's tax map, or a property survey map with this online tool.

Street Search: Search for a street anywhere in Pueblo County. If the street exists, retrieve a map of it. This handy application allows developers to identify if a street name they're proposing can be accepted.

Control Monument Search: Popular with area surveyors, this tool allows you to find benchmark control points, which help define legal land boundaries.

Interactive Maps: View and print maps of Pueblo and Pueblo County

Foreclosure Search: Search for current and histories of properties in foreclosure.

Driver's Licenses: Renew your drivers license online

License Plates: Renew your license plates online

Pay Property Taxes: Pay Pueblo County property taxes online

Pay Sales Taxes: Pay Colorado sales taxes online

Pay a Red Light Camera Citation: City of Pueblo red light camera fine payment system

Zoning Search - Want to find out what zoning district your property falls in? Search for your property, click on the layer icon at the top left of the page and select Pueblo County Zoning. A map layer with zoning districts will appear.

Planning Case Search: All documents related to land use public meetings in Pueblo County can be downloaded here.

Zoning and Planning FAQs

Jury Duty Lookup: Find out if you need to appear for your juror summons

Pueblo County Meeting Information: Search for County Commissioner and Planning Commission meeting agendas and minutes


Pueblo County GIS:- The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) office of Pueblo County GIS develops systems that allow citizens, businesses and government departments to view, understand, question, interpret, and visualize data in many ways.


City of Pueblo GIS:- The City of Pueblo's GIS office utilizes shared resources hosted by the County to provide maps with a focus on city related data.

Emergency Services: Contact information for Law Enforcement Departments and Fire Departments


Sex Offenders: Map sex offenders near an address


Most Wanted: Find lists of most wanted individuals within the area.


Inmate Lookup: Look for an inmate housed within the County Jail.


Controlled Burns: Report your planned controlled burn, or identify if a fire you see is controlled.


Property Watch Request: Planning on being out of town? Citizens can request the Sheriff to patrol a property in Pueblo County.

Bids & Proposals: Find out about projects that Pueblo's government agencies are soliciting proposals to purchase or construct.


Planning Case Search: Active and previous cases administered by Pueblo County's Planning and Development department can be retrieved online.


Business & Attraction Zip Code Tracking Program: Pueblo County businesses that are tracking zip codes of their customers can upload this information here and request an analysis by Pueblo County's GIS team.


Apply for a Permit or Search for Information Relating to Buildings: Apply online for a permit or find information pertaining to building inspections, addressing of properties or find a certified contractor.

Secure Transportation Service Applications:  Click to access the online applications to become a licensed secure transportation service, or to apply for a secure transportation permit for your vehicle.

Transportation and Maps

City Bus Routes and Schedules: Find information about Pueblo's transit system

Interactive Maps: View and print maps of Pueblo and Pueblo County

Pueblo Airport: Pueblo Memorial Airport (KPUB)