Community Health Assessment

Colorado public health departments are mandated through Colorado Senate Bill 194-Health Reauthorization Act to complete a comprehensive community health assessment every five years.


Community Health Assessments look at various health data points to determine where health problems exist and what contributes to those problems. Pueblo Department of Public Health & Environment (PDPHE) partners with various county-wide organizations and individuals to complete community health assessments.


In 2009, PDPHE completed the first assessment to meet this requirement. During 2016, the second assessment was performed. This process involved gathering data indicators and asking for input and feedback from community members and leaders. The 2016 Community Health Assessment Process summarizes this process and the outcomes.

Community Health Improvement Plan 2018-2022

After the priorities are identified through the assessment, a five-year Community Health Improvement Plan is created outlining what will be done to address the priorities. For more information, click on the Community Health Improvement Plan image.