Community Health Improvement Plan

After public health priorities are identified by the community as a result of completing a community health assessment, a community health improvement plan is developed. The community health improvement plan designates which organizations in the community are responsible for implementing strategies related to each public health priority and what the community’s goals are for each of these areas. Involving many community partner organizations is crucial to ensuring true changes are made and sustained. It truly does take an entire community working together to make a lasting impact.

During 2017, the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment worked with community partners and members to create a community health improvement plan to address the 2018-2022 priorities of

The Pueblo County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) details information on what the community will do to address these issues from 2018-2022. Work plans with specific objectives, activities, and timelines will be updated annually to reflect progress, new opportunities and to address barriers that arise. Work plans for 2019 are available to view for Behavioral Health and Obesity.

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2018 CHIP obesity infographic 2018 CHIP obesity infographic


2018 CHIP Behavioral Health Infographic 2018 CHIP Behavioral Health Infographic



The top health priorities identified by the community to be addressed from 2013-2017 were

  • obesity
  • teen and unintended pregnancies

The Community Health Improvement Plan 2013-2017 states how the plan was created and year one activities. The Success documents contain progress updates on the priorities.

2013 - 2017 Successes

2015 Successes

2014 Successes