In order to speed up and simplify the permit procedure, we have enabled this type of permit, to be used for typical work conditions defined by pre approved templates.

For purpose of AROW permit you will need to develop TCP templates (design by person who satisfies PC requirements Code 12.08) regarding the nature of your job and to open an PO account for the needs of this permit.

While you are covered by AROW permit, you only need to notify us 24 hours in advance of the works.

All necessary information:

If you are not able to start/finish the work in the submitted time window, it is required to apply for the AROW Time Extension thought OpenGov portal.

If you have valid reason to request time extension, we will accommodate your request.


Application Fees will be considered on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the volume of work from the previous year and projections for the following year.

Coct Table Coct Table
Permit Fee will be calculated according to above table


All information regarding our procedure you can find at the next Link Pueblo County Code 12.08

If you have any questions,  feel free to contact our Construction Inspector Mariano Cornejo at 719 583-4723 or (cell) 719 568-5487

If you have any questions regarding TCP, feel free to contact our Traffic Engineer Ivan Jelicic at 719 583-4629


In an emergency situation, signing according to the MUTCD shall be required on the project site
even though a permit will not ne issued until after the excavation has taken place

Our office is open Monday through Thursday from 6:30 am to 5:00 pm
Plan your work, related to 24-hour advance notice call , with our working hours to avoid inconvenience


List of mandatory elements for TCP templates:

  • Work location coordinates (Use coordinates format supported on Google Maps)
    • Right-click on the work location on google map
    • Left click on coordinates will copy the info
  • Time window in which work will occur
  • Marked north on the plan
  • Location speed limit
  • Road Name
  • Legend with a visual representation of the elements
  • Manifest with list of all devices 
  • Marked Clear Zone with distances 
  • Appropriate certificate
  • Signature of TCP designer 
  • All dimensions ( A, B, C, L, Buffer, Tapers...) shall be presented in table as function of road speed limit, and shall be added on TCP by applicant representative according to instructions from template designer.
  • Table with all required distances for filling out the document in the field.
  • Limitation of template according to MUTCD

Except TCP templates, designer shall provide detailed instructions for use and adequate filling of each template (how to determine the distances based on the table) to applicant.

The traffic control plan must be signed by an individual certified by the Colorado Department of Highways (CDOH) or the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA), as a Worksite Traffic Control Supervisor, whose signature shall constitute certification that the plan meets or exceeds MUTCD standards. 

Here you can find examples of templates  for your information.