The Pueblo County Surveyor is responsible for reviewing plats deposited by private surveyors and maintaining them on file. The surveyor also investigates boundary disputes and road rights-of-way.

The office also is responsible for surveying county-owned properties when a need arises.

The Surveyor’s Office, in conjunction with the County Clerk and Recorder’s Office and the Information Services Department, recently scanned over 1,000 survey plats for the Pueblo County website. These plats are available to the public free of charge and are mainly used by surveyors, engineers, architects and real estate agencies.

Duties of the County Surveyor:

  • Represent the County in disputes over County boundaries and notify the County Attorney of unsettled boundary disputes; file all surveys. 
  • When authorized, may conduct surveys of County boundaries, accept  maps of surveys within the County for filing, and examine all maps and plats before recording with the County Clerk and Recorder.
  • Can establish disputed boundaries when applied for or at the appointment by the courts.
  • Appoints deputies as assistants to discharge their duties faithfully and impartially.