MARCH 10TH TO THE PUBLIC




Until then we are still available to serve the public by telephone. Please use the directory below:

For General Information call: (719) 569-1572 or (719) 569 1690

For Specialized Departments call:

(719) 569-1572……..Senior and Veteran Homestead Exemption

(719) 569-1690……..Building Permits

(719) 569-2805……..Mobile Homes / Commercial / Residential

(719) 569-1918……..Mobile Homes / Marijuana

(719) 569-0585……..Residential

(719) 569-2833……..Residential

(719) 569-2449……..Residential

(719) 569-2691……..Farm & Ranch / Multi-Family Units

(719) 569-1026……..Deed Transfers

(719) 569-2852……..Mapping / Deeds

(719) 252-1634……..Residential

(719) 252-1720……..Mapping

(719) 252-1961……..Personal Property

On-site staff will be limited. If you are having trouble getting through, you may also call the main office at (719) 583-6597.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Value all real and personal property within Pueblo County for tax purposes, and maintains, keeps, and gathers all property records in Pueblo County (ownership, legals, lot sizes, etc).


Value all real and personal property within Pueblo County for tax purposes.

Services Provided

Maintain, keep, and gather all property records in Pueblo County (ownership, legals, lot sizes, etc).

Public Announcements

Protest Period

In Person, Phone or Fax: May 1, 2021 – June 1, 2021

By Mail:  Must be postmarked by June 1, 2021

Current News

2021 is a revaluation year in the State of Colorado.  

The protest period for 2021 valuations will begin May 1st of this year and will continue for the entire month of May.  You can still protest your valuation at that time.  A protest is not a complaint about higher taxes. It is an attempt to prove that the estimated market value placed on your property is either inaccurate or unfair.

Additional Information

Pursuant to Colorado State General Property Tax Law, the duty of the Assessor is to “discover, list, and value” all real property. The Assessor’s Office is required to appraise all real property and to estimate the value for ad valorem taxation purposes.

Land and Improvements: Colorado statute define Improvements as “all structures, buildings, fixtures, fences, and water rights erected upon or affixed to land, whether or not title to such land has been acquired.” 39-1-102(7), C.R.S.

The Personal Property Tax: The Colorado personal property tax is a levy on personal property used in a business or organization. The procedure for applying this tax is similar to that used for real property. The Assessor estimates a value for the property and consolidates the levies; the Treasurer then mails a tax bill to the property owner.

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