⚠ Appointments are no longer required. Walk-ins are welcome Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Our digital queue system opens at 7:45 am. 

DID YOU KNOW? Colorado residents can get a $29 Keep Colorado Wild Pass when registering a car, motorcycle, recreation vehicle or light truck through the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The $29 pass is included in your registration total unless you choose to opt out.

The Keep Colorado Wild Pass is an annual state park pass that provides entry to all Colorado state parks​​, protects wildlife, lands and water, supports search and rescue programs​​, funds trails and local community projects​, helps make the outdoors safe and available to all​​. When you hold a Keep Colorado Wild Pass, a Colorado Parks and Wildlife logo is printed on your vehicle registration card to provide entry into state parks. 

Simply show your vehicle registration card with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife logo to enter a park. The logo will appear on the card without your address printed. If the park entrance is not staffed, you can enter the park but may be asked to show your pass at any time.

*You will not receive a window sticker or other receipt in the mail. Do not display your vehicle registration on your dashboard.

Learn more on the Keep Colorado Wild Pass from Colorado Parks & Wildlife.

License Plate Renewals

The Pueblo County Motor Vehicle Division handles the licensing and registration of vehicles for Pueblo County citizens.


Remember to Bring These with You

1. A valid State ID
2. Proof of Insurance
3. Title or Renewal Card

For your convenience, Pueblo County offers multiple renewal methods:

Colorado MV Express Colorado MV Express






1. Renew at a Colorado MVExpress Kiosk: One is located at the Southside King Soopers, located at 3050 W. Northern Ave, and another at the Pueblo West Safeway, located at 1017 N. Market Pl. 


2. Renew and update your address information online at mydmv.colorado.gov


3. Renew in person: Join the digital queuing system or text 719-294-0427 to check in and know your exact wait-time. You may still visit the Courthouse and join the line on site. 



  1. Join the line via text: 719-294-0427
  2. Join the line online: https://kiosk.na9.qless.com/kiosk/app/home/514?screen=consumerInfo
  3. Download the Qless app from the Google Play or IOS App Store


Managing Your Wait Time


Join the queue as early as 7:45 am on the day of your service. The Motor Vehicle opens at 8:00 am. You'll receive text updates 10 minutes before your time to return. You can manage your wait time using the Qless app or text 719-294-0427 to start, stop, or delay if needed.