Pueblo County Planning and Development

The Pueblo County Planning and Development Department is a cornerstone of community growth and regulation in Pueblo County. This Department manages a wide range of responsibilities that extend beyond traditional zoning and land-use planning. It also oversees Marijuana and Liquor licensing, ensuring that these sectors operate within the legal frameworks and contribute positively to the community. Additionally, the Department handles Land-Use and Compliance, maintaining the delicate balance between land-use rights of individuals and upholding compliance to land-use requirements. A notable initiative under its belt is the "Pueblo Means Business" division. This new venture aims to unify efforts between Pueblo County, the City of Pueblo, Pueblo West Metro District, and the Pueblo Regional Building Department. Its primary goal is to streamline the building permitting process, making it more efficient and user-friendly for developers, builders, and Pueblo County Constituents alike. This comprehensive approach by the Planning and Development Division facilitates sustainable development and fosters a proactive environment in Pueblo County.