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As of  4/9/24, the Pueblo County Public Works (PW) department will start using  the new fee structure presented in the 7.13.1                                                                  

As of 3/13/23, the Pueblo County Public Works (PW) department, in cooperation with the Pueblo Regional Building Department (PRBD), will begin a revised process of signing off the front routing sheets for access permit applications at the point when it is determined the extent of the new or revised access will warrant changes.

This will allow the builders to move forward in the process towards attaining a permit. At the time the routing is signed off, the calendar will start for 30 days from which the indicated new and/or revised access will need to be addressed to the PW as indicated in the Letter of Requirements (provided through access permit application).

If the builder is unable to finalize the construction of the improvements and/or the new access and attain the approval of such from PW within the 30-day timeframe, the project permit will be requested to be placed on hold from PW through the PRBD. Requests for extensions will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Regarding the final sign-off of access permits that have a Certificate of Occupancy requirement attached, there will be a final inspection of the access from the PW department to ensure any damage to access during construction has been remedied prior to the final sign-off.

*** Pueblo County Public Works is a separate entity from Pueblo City Public Works. ***

Public Works is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the County’s transportation infrastructure, parks, buildings, grounds, and facilities pursuant to federal, state, and local laws and in keeping with the community’s priorities and needs. Services include road grading, patching, reconstruction, drainage ditch cleaning, weed mowing and management, snow plowing, park maintenance and improvement, and building maintenance and improvement.

If you are not sure which of our staff could help you, call our main phone number and our staff will listen to your problem and forward the information or call to the right person.

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