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Advocacy Training for Coalition Members

Information for Proposers

The Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment (PDPHE) is seeking proposals from entities to facilitate an advocacy training for coalition members and partners working on systems changes to prevent youth substance use.


Project Description

In 2017, Pueblo Communities that Care (CTC) analyzed local-level data to prioritize risk and protective factors (Academic Failure in Late Elementary School, risk factor, and Opportunities for Prosocial Involvement in the Community, protective factor), to prevent youth substance use. In 2018, CTC chose evidence-based strategies to address these risk and protective factors. To mitigate academic failure, CTC is working to increase quality childcare (strategy); to increase prosocial opportunities, CTC is working to make community spaces safe and healthier for young people (strategy). In 2022, coalition members identified three skills that they need to move the work forward, including: 1) build advocacy among members, 2) improve communication in and out of the coalition, and 3) decrease silos.

Given those training needs, CTC is wanting to host an advocacy training workshop for community members/parents, PDPHE staff, and CTC coalition members. The training would support participants in learning tools, best practices, and strategies on advocacy in their community as it relates to local-level policy change. This training will empower individuals, including parents, to advocate for their and their children’s needs with community agencies and local governments. The session should be in-person for one-half to full day in early summer 2023 (must be completed before June 30, 2023).

PDPHE has no more than $5,000 available to cover trainer’s stipend, prep work, training facilitation, and travel expenses.

The group is looking for a training to meet the following learning objectives:

  • The best practices for advocating for organizational or legislative policy changes (what is advocacy?)
  • What advocacy can accomplish (why is it important?)
  • How to advocate (what does advocacy look like?)
    • Learn how to persuade others to join your cause/effort
    • Learn how to write elected officials and advocating via writing
  • Learn how to give speeches to elected officials and advocate via speaking
  • Participants in this course will practice advocacy skills within the training through a facilitated activity or example.
  • Laws that are involved/ “Do I need a lawyer?”


Proposal Requirements

Each quote must include a completed narrative along with the following items to be considered complete and eligible for review. Otherwise, the submission will not be accepted.

Requirements for Quote Narrative:

  • Applicant name and contact information
  • A total cost estimate for the project to include all anticipated costs to complete the work
  • A description of how learning objectives will be met and approach to the training
  • A detailed timeline for when key milestones will be met to ensure contract goals are met
  • Staff working on the project

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Community Mural for Display on the Pueblo History and Art Walk

Information for Artists

The Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment (PDPHE) is seeking proposals from local artists to create a community mural along the Pueblo History and Art Walk in the Bessemer, Bojon Town, and Grove neighborhoods.


Project Description

The Pueblo History and Art Walk (art walk) is a self-guided walking tour designed to showcase history and art in the Grove, Bojon Town, and Bessemer neighborhoods (Superfund Neighborhoods). The art walk is designed and led by neighborhood residents from the Superfund Neighborhoods and is intended to bring more pedestrian foot traffic through the area near local businesses and highlight three of the oldest neighborhoods in Pueblo. The art walk will take pedestrians through each neighborhood starting at the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk (Riverwalk), going through the Grove, up Santa Fe Hill, into Bojon Town, to the Northern Avenue Business Corridor, and back downtown to Union Avenue and the Riverwalk. Locations of murals are listed in the full Request For Proposal.

The art walk is guided using a physical map, smart phone application, and wayfinding signs. Participants will be able to listen or read points of interest in the Superfund Neighborhoods and enjoy community art displays along the walking route.

One mural proposal will be awarded. PDPHE will accept multiple submissions from one artist. The artist(s) with the chosen proposal will be given an honorarium up to $ 5,000 to create the community mural. The mural must be displayed for two years once the project is complete.

Note: The awarded artist(s) must complete a 1099 tax form and be prepared to claim the honorarium as taxable income for the 2023 year.


Proposal Requirements

Each mural proposal must include a completed quote application along with the items listed in the full RFQ to be considered complete and eligible for review. Otherwise, the submission will not be accepted.

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Mural Proposal Application