A: OpenGov is a tool that is helping Pueblo County, as well as more than 1,800 other public agencies, become more open, effective and accountable by creating easy to use budgetary and financial reports that show detailed graphs and information about the inner workings of the County.

A:  To focus on specific data — like a fund, department, expense type, or any combination — use the menu on the left side panel. The “Broken Down By” drop-down allows you to specify which breakdown you want the graphs and table rows to represent on the graph. You can analyze the expense and revenues data by fund, department, or type.

A:  Yes. Use the Data Filter on the left side panel to make specific selections within the data. The Data Filter shows you the hierarchical relationships of Funds, Departments, and Account Types. You'll notice the title of the graph you are viewing on top along with the account type selector. You can use the filter to see the data of most interest to you.


A:  Hover over any area of the graph to see the actual or budgeted amounts for that period. Or, just scroll down to see a table with detailed information below the graph.

A:  In the upper right hand corner, you will see options for the different graphs and tables. There are five graph types: an area graph, an area graph by percentage, a line graph, a pie graph, and a bar chart. Additionally, there is always a table view below any graph. The table allows you to zoom-in on the detailed financial data selected in the chart or graph above.

A:  In reviewing multiple years of data, you may see "spikes" in the individual years; this can be due to unexpected expenses, such as a hard winter, equipment failure, a capital project, or a specific event that required additional funds. You can drill-down into our OpenGov platform to learn more about where exactly those expense or revenues are categorized.

A:  Yes, there are Share and Download buttons in the upper right corner. You can share any view on a social network or by email. There are also options to download the displayed data in .csv spreadsheet and .png image formats.  Additionally, you can copy and paste the url at the top of the page you are viewing.

A:  Use the Help menu on the top right corner to navigate to the “Contact” option to send a message to your organization.

A:  Use the Help menu on the top right corner to navigate to the “Budget 101” primer to learn more about multi-fund accounting.

A: Pueblo County wants its citizens to be informed and aware of what is going on within the community quickly and easily.  OpenGov generates reports that are user friendly and easy to understand to show the answers to questions citizens have such as: 

  • How much revenue does Pueblo County receive from marijuana?
  • How much revenue does Pueblo County receive from sales tax? 
  • How much does Pueblo County spend on overtime? 
  • How much does Pueblo County spend on overtime for the Sheriff’s Office? 
  • See the FAQ section below to see some of our most commonly asked questions.  We have created Quick Links to answer these questions for you.


A: For the first time ever, Pueblo County is posting interim financial reports for the public. OpenGov allows users to drill down to a deep level of revenue and expense detail in a concise and aesthetically pleasing way that may not be just a listing of numbers.  It allows the user to ask the questions they want.  It is available online 24/7.  And, if the user wants a listing of numbers, it easily exports to excel for manipulation and sorting.

A: Currently, OpenGov is updated mid-month every month.  It is our goal to have real-time information available 24/7.