Rye Mountain Park

Fulton Heights Park

Parks Division has the responsibility for maintaining an extensive parks system and grounds that reaches from McHarg Park in Avondale to the east to Liberty Point Park to the west; from Runyon Sports Complex to the north to Rye Mountain Park to the south. Our professional groundskeepers design and maintain landscaping that ranges from the professional field a Hobbs to the pocket park named after John Arellano in Salt Creek to the manicured ornamental beds and trees of the Historic County Courthouse along with the plantings surrounding virtually every building. Our Parks Division with Support from other facility support teams, maintains walkways, plazas, and courtyards and strives to keep it all free of debris and snow. The ultimate goal is to provide an attractive and enjoyable environment for the Pueblo County community, as well as a safe and sustainable one.

Our park facilities are weatherized yearly from October through April. If you reserve during that time, you will be responsible for your own restroom (porta-potty rentals).