The Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP) helps eligible families pay a portion of child care costs while they are working, searching for work or in school.   School may be anything from high school, GED, college or vocational training.    Costs not covered by the department are paid directly to selected providers by the families.  The amount paid, parental fee, is based on your gross income, the number of people in your household, and the number of children in care. 

Who is Eligible?

  • Families receiving Colorado Works/TANF
  • Parents who are working
  • Parents who are searching for a job, within State established time limits
  • Teen parents (up to age 21) in a high school diploma or GED program
  • Parents needing child care for up to 24 months for post-secondary education or training (up to a first Bachelor’s Degree or less)
  • GED, ESL, or Adult Basic Education, for up to 12 months
  • Applicants must be residents of Pueblo County

How Do I Apply?

  • Visit Colorado PEAK to see if you are eligible and to apply online.  Applications will be automatically submitted to the Pueblo County Department of Human Services.
  • Pick up an application at one of our offices,  405 W. 9th Street  OR  320 W. 10th Street  OR 2631 W. 4th Street
  • Request an application be mailed to you by calling  719-253-7929

You may return the application by fax, mail, or in-person:

  • Fax: 719-253-7947
  • Mail to:  Pueblo County DHS, 320 W. 10th Street, Pueblo, Colorado 81003
  • Office Locations:  405 West 9th Street  OR  320 W. 10th Street  OR  2631 E. 4th Street

Questions?  Call  719-253-7929

Are you a licensed child care provider and want to become a CCCAP Provider?

If a parent or caregiver has selected you as the child care provider for their children, please contact us by calling 719-253-7913 and we will send you a packet of information detailing the necessary documents.

Are you a relative or friend of the child’s family and want to become a CCCAP Qualified Exempt Provider?

Some child care providers may be legally exempt from licensing, meaning a person can still contract with CCCAP without having a license.  For example, if the provider is a friend or relative of the family, they may not need to apply for a child care license.  For CCCAP purposes, this person is identified as a Qualified Exempt Provider and will need to register with CCCAP to meet certain county requirements, including background checks for child abuse and neglect or other crimes.  Please contact us by calling 719-253-7913 for details about becoming a Qualified Exempt Provider.

Selecting a child care provider

Eligible families are responsible for selecting a child care provider for their children. The selection can be a licensed child care center, a licensed family child care home, or a friend, neighbor or relative caretaker. Families will decide the type of care that is best for their children and meets their family's needs. When choosing a provider, look for signs that your child will be safe, comfortable, and encouraged to grow and learn. 

Children First identifies licensed providers that accept CCAP and provides helpful tips to find Child Care.  Please call 719-549-3411 or 719-549-3407 or visit to search for providers near you.

You may also contact Mile High United Way toll free at 1-877-338-2273.

The Attendance Tracking System (ATS) is used to access child care assistance once approved.  View Training on how to use the ATS system.


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