Body art is the practice of physical body adornment by establishments or artists utilizing, but not limited to, the techniques of body piercing, tattooing, branding, sculpting, scarification, permanent makeup, and micro-blading. This does not include practices conducted under the supervision of a physician licensed to practice medicine under Colorado law nor piercing of the outer perimeter or lobe of the ear by means of sterilized stud-and-clasp ear piercing systems.

The Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment conducts routine inspections of body art facilities in Pueblo to ensure the safe and sanitary practice of body art, the safe and sanitary physical environment where body art is performed, and the safe and sanitary conditions of equipment utilized in body art procedures.

New Body Art Facilities 

A Plan Review packet must be submitted along with a fee of $100. An hourly rate of $50 will be assessed on all-time spent reviewing the packet.

Inspection to Operate

Renewal or new Certificates of Approval are $250 annually.  A $50 late fee will be assessed after January 1st.

Complaint inspections are billed at an hourly rate of $50.

Bloodborne Pathogen Training

Please visit to obtain bloodborne pathogen training for body art.

Contact Information 719-583-4307


Body Art COVID-19 Resources

Tattoo artist wearing gloves giving tattoo Tattoo artist wearing gloves giving tattoo