SURE: Substance Use Response Ecosystem

The Substance Use Response Ecosystem (SURE) is a collective impact modeled coalition working to reduce deaths, hospital utilizations, and the drain on community resources related to substance (mis)use in Pueblo County.


Vision: Everyone in Pueblo County has access to substance use related knowledge, resources, and supports and feels safe discussing substance use.

Mission: SURE brings together Pueblo’s substance use disorder experts to inform, help, and guide city and county leadership. Members collaborate and work towards improving substance use response in the community.


The Ecosystem’s Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the executive decision-making body for the SURE coalition. This committee guides the overall direction of the SURE coalition and supports action groups whether they as individuals choose to participate in one or not. They also assist the backbone support in planning monthly meetings and ensuring action is taken, measured, and documented. The Steering Committee is committed to furthering SURE’s mission, vision, and identified priorities and support implementation of the County-Wide Substance Use Plan.


Action Groups

Action groups in the ecosystem group naturally by the work they volunteer to participate in. Action groups vary as they are time-defined and dissolve when items are completed.



The previous SURE structure consisted of only pods focused on related substance use categories. Moving into a more action-oriented direction, most pods have dissolved except for three. These pods convene separately from the rest of the coalition but support SURE and its mission.

  • Data
  • Judicial
  • Peer


SURE includes participation from:

  • 10 Judicial District Judge and DA’s Office
  • Access Point, Southern Colorado Health Network
  • Communities That Care (CTC)
  • Colorado Consortium
  • Colorado Mental Health Institute
  • Gateway 2 Success
  • Health Colorado
  • Health Solutions
  • Pueblo City Council
  • Pueblo Community Health Center
  • Pueblo Fire Department
  • Pueblo County Commissioner
  • Pueblo Suicide Prevention Coalition
  • Pueblo Coroner’s Office
  • Law Enforcement Diversion Assisted (LEAD)
  • League of Women Voters
  • Christlife Ministries
  • Crossroads’ Turning Points
  • Colorado Treatment Services
  • Friendly Harbor
  • Front Range Clinic
  • Department of Human Services
  • Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment
  • Pueblo Police Department
  • Pueblo Sheriff Department
  • Pueblo Triple Aim Corporation
  • Southern Colorado Harm Reduction Association
  • Terry’s Natural Market
  • Vivent Health

County-Wide Substance Use Plan

The County-Wide Substance Use Plan was created with the help of various entities including Office of the Mayor, Pueblo City Council, Board of County Commissioners, District Attorney’s Office, Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment, Pueblo Department of Human Services, Pueblo Police Department, Pueblo County’s Sheriff’s Office, and Pueblo Fire Department.

This plan serves as the guide for community implementation of opioid settlement funds and other various forms of funding to that collectively as a community, substance use resources are enhanced and gaps are filled. This plan finalized top prioritize Pueblo County should be focused on with the help of the entities mentioned in the areas of treatment, criminal justice, prevention, harm reduction, and recovery.

Joining the Effort

Interested in joining the effort or have ideas or other efforts that SURE should know about? Contact SURE at the Pueblo Department of Public Health & Environment (719-664-0749). Volunteers can expect support in the ecosystem, new funding opportunity information, networking and collaboration.

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