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Who We Are

The Substance Use Response Ecosystem (SURE) is a coalition working to enhance Pueblo's response to substance use. With the help of our partners, we strive to prevent substance use, reduce deaths, and improve access to treatment and recovery resources.

What is a coalition?

A coalition is an organized group of people and organizations that come together to accomplish the same goal. Coalitions can be a great way for partners of various backgrounds to come together for the same cause.

Our Mission

SURE brings together Pueblo's substance use disorder experts to inform, help, and guide city and county leadership. Members collaborate and work towards improving substance use response in the community.

Our Partners

  • City of Pueblo
  • 10th Judicial District
  • Southern Colorado Health Network
  • Colorado Consortium
  • Health Colorado
  • Health Solutions
  • Pueblo Fire Department
  • Pueblo Suicide Prevention Coalition
  • Jail Based Behavioral Services
  • Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD)
  • Crossroads' Turning Points
  • Friendly Harbor
  • Southern Colorado Harm Reduction Association
  • Colorado Health Foundation
  • Pueblo Department of Health and Environment

Become a Member

Interested in joining the effort or have ideas for SURE?

Contact the Department of Health and Environment at (719)583-4308 or send an email to [email protected]