Ambulance Inspection

Pueblo County host over 65 ambulance units that are inspected and licensed by the health department. This program indirectly affects all residents of Pueblo County, since any of those residents may require the services of these emergency vehicles.

The legal authority appointing the Health Department as the agency responsible for enforcing the ambulance-licensing requirement is the Pueblo County Resolution 92-337 § 1(E).


Staff & Equipment

The main program objective is to assure through inspections and licensing that all Emergency Medical Services are properly staffed and equipped for daily operations. This is done by confirming the emergency medical service staff has the proper State Certification for the required level of emergency medical practices. Ambulances are also checked to verify each has the proper medical equipment and safety gear.

EMTs Sitting in an ambulance EMTs Sitting in an ambulance

Inspection Program

Please complete and submit the Ambulance Service License ApplicationAmbulance Vehicle Information Form(s)Self-Certification Inspection Report, and appropriate fees prior to scheduling an inspection. There is a $100 Ambulance Service License Fee as well as an $85 Ambulance Vehicle Permit Fee per vehicle. Checks will be made payable to the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment. All applicants regardless of governmental or private corporation status are required to submit the above-stated application fees. (Res. 14-138 § 2; Res. 08-340 § 1; Res. 95-248 §§ 2, 3; Res. 92-337 § 2)


Program Changes

On or before January 1, 2024, the state board of health is required to adopt rules regarding minimum standards for ambulance services, including equipment, staffing, medical oversight, and general and vehicle liability insurance standards and potential rules imposing application and licensing fees. On and after July 1, 2024, the state health department will be the issuing authority for ambulance licenses. See Ambulance Service Sustainability And State Licensing | Colorado General Assembly for more information. 


Click here to see the Pueblo County EMS regulations.
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