How to Dispose of Dead Animals and When to Call the Health Department

Dead Birds or Squirrels

If a dead animal must be moved or disposed, avoid direct contact with it.

  • Put on a DEET-based repellent to protect yourself from fleas or ticks, and use a long-handled shovel to scoop it up.
  • Place it in a plastic bag and dispose of it in an outdoor trash receptacle. Wash your hands well afterward.

Dead Skunks or Raccoons

  • Carefully evaluate if any human or domestic animal (pets such as dogs/cats or farm animals such as goats/cows/horses) had contact with the dead animal.
  • If there was any contact between the dead animal and a human or domestic animal, do not dispose of the carcass and call the Health Department 719-583-4300 (option 8).
  • If no human or domestic animal contact occurred, follow the above recommendations to dispose of the carcass.

Dead Rabbits and Prairie Dogs

  • If you notice a large die-off of rabbits or prairie dogs, please notify the Health Department at 719-583-4300 (option 8).
  • If you have a dead rabbit or prairie dog on your property, do not notify the health department but do follow the carcass disposal instructions listed above.