42-2-108 C.R.S. Mandates the creation of a primary and secondary system of road in all counties.

43-2-111 C.R.S. Assigns these primary and secondary roads to counties for construction and maintenance. Roads, by definition, include bridges, culverts, footpaths and rights of way.

The Road and Bridge Division workforce is comprised of 62 employees. This Division is responsible for maintenance of 1,201.91 miles of roads including 455 miles of paved roads and 747 miles of gravel roads. About 340 miles of the 1,201.9 miles are located within the boundary of the Pueblo West Metropolitan District. The District is responsible for the maintenance of the County roads within its boundary pursuant to a maintenance agreement with the County. The Division is also responsible for the maintenance of 104 bridges, 135 culverts 48 inches or larger in diameter, numerous cattle guards, traffic control devices and related appurtenances.

Maintenance of transportation-related infrastructure consists of pothole patching, roadway grading, roadway graveling, traffic control device maintenance, snow removal, roadway reconstruction and realignment, overlays, chip-sealing, culvert cleaning, culvert installation and replacement, bridge repair and replacement, weed control, tree and brush removal and various other related maintenance functions.