2022 Youth Adviser Application

Make a difference in your community, apply to become a Youth Advisor today!

  • Provide insight and guidance on a variety of topics and issues.
  • Teamwork with peers and adults on projects.
  • Engage with community members and organizations to facilitate activities.
  • Help plan and attend community presentations or events.


  • Experience living or working in the Pueblo community.
  • Willingness to give presentations and speak publicly.
  • Willingness to attend monthly meetings.
  • Must be between 13 and 20 years old.

Benefits of Participating

  • Community service hours.
  • Food at most in-person meetings.
  • Compensation.
  • Letters of recommendation for scholarships and employment.

Our Vision: The Pueblo community strives, through collaborative efforts, to empower youth with opportunities to become healthy, educated, and responsible citizens.

Our Goal: To prevent youth substance use, delinquency, and violence. We do this by minimizing negative things in the environment (risk factors) and increasing positive things in a young person’s life (protective factors).

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High Schooler PSA: Stop Teen Substance Abuse

Check out this video created by and for our local Pueblo youth, centered around alcohol and drug prevention.

Communities that Care - Childcare Facilities Map


What are the Benefits of CTC?

  • CTC has been proven to work! The process of CTC has been implemented in communities around the world for decades. Research on these communities has shown that the process of CTC positively changes youth behavior.
  • CTC saves the communities money! For every dollar invested in CTC, $5.31 is returned in lower criminal justice system expenses, decreased health care costs, and increased earnings and tax revenues for the community.
  • Overall, CTC results in healthier communities that help children grow up with more hope, opportunity, and better outcomes.

Youth living in CTC communities are: 33% less likely to start smoking cigarettes, 32% less likely to start drinking, and 24% less likely to start engaging in delinquency.


How CTC Works:

Through a series of phases over the course of several years, CTC addresses risks in the community with the goal of preventing and lowering youth substance use. CTC promotes positive youth development by providing young people with new opportunities and skills while recognizing their strengths.

This process would not be successful without help from community members serving on a Community Board. The board includes over 30 local community organizations, businesses and non-profits, and parents and youth that come together to plan and implement strategies targeted to lower youth substance use. See below for a list of our Pueblo partners.

Based on data from Pueblo County, CTC’s Community Board will:

  1. Increase academic success in elementary school;
  2. Support more and better opportunities for youth to be involved in their community.

What we are doing:

After choosing what we are going to address, we looked at what is happening in Pueblo to identify what is already successfully working in the community, and what could be improved. From there, we chose these strategies:

  1. To increase academic success in elementary school, we are planning to build community support for quality childcare early in life.  Quality childcare allows kids to experience optimal positive development and prepares them for academic success in the future. Ideas include working with family, friends, or neighbor childcare providers to ensure they are offering safe and healthy childcare environments, and working on policies that support low-income families using quality childcare options.
  2. To increase the opportunities for youth to become involved in their community, we are going to build public support for creating community spaces for youth (for example, making our public parks safer). We are also going to include youth as part of CTC’s coalition to make sure we hear their voice.

The Community Board and strategy teams update and adjust action plans annually. Additionally, the CTC youth action board maintains the Pueblo Youth Voices Facebook and Instagram page where you can find youth events and efforts.


Southern Colorado Youth Go (SoCoYoGo) is a fun and innovative way to get Pueblo’s young people participating in healthy, prosocial activities. The online platform allows youth to earn points for visiting or engaging in prosocial opportunities in Pueblo County in order to collect rewards redeemable at various local businesses. As Pueblo’s first youth-only online platform, SoCoYoGo encourages youth to connect with friends and mentors, visit exciting locations in Pueblo, and earn rewards while being safe and healthy!

Visit socoyogo.com