Important Information Regarding Testing

  • Samples over 30 hours old and not in approved container are unsuitable for testing
  • Samples can be dropped off for analysis between 8 AM and 4 PM Monday through Thursday
  • Please do not send or bring samples that will be received the day before a holiday/closure or on Friday



Pueblo County residents

All residents use a public water supply, private well, spring or cistern as their potable water supply. The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment has jurisdiction over all public water systems within the State, while the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment oversees private wells, springs, cisterns and local water vendors.

Private water supplies

Private water supplies such as wells, springs, and cisterns are not legally required to meet minimum standards. The Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment recommends potability testing once per year to ensure the safety of potable water in private water supplies.

Program Objective

To maintain and disseminate information to people using private water systems so that they can most effectively safeguard their own potable water supplies.

The private potable water systems in Pueblo county are not required to meet any specific regulatory requirements. The Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment performs general potability testing as a service to the public.

Water Testing Fee: $21.00 for potability testing and $23.00 for enumerated testing.

(EFFECTIVE 01-01-20, price has increased to $21.00 for potability testing and $23.00 for enumerated testing)

Why is Water Tested?

Water samples from potable water systems are tested to determine the quality and potability of water. These samples are most commonly tested for coliform bacteria, including E. coli. Upon verification of the presence of coliform bacteria in a potable water system, we make recommendations on how to disinfect the supply; and if needed, how to treat the water to make it safe for human consumption.

Water Analysis Testing Forms and Bottles

If you are a regulated system or business, please contact the laboratory to receive a master water testing form. If you are a person testing a private water supply, please download the private water analysis testing form provided on this page.

Water samples must be collected in an approved sterile container to be suitable for testing. Sample test kits, which include a sample bottle, submission form, and collection instructions, can be picked up from the laboratory during normal business hours. Sample test kits are also located at the following offices in Southeastern Colorado:

Chaffee County Extension (Salida)
Otero/Crowley County Health Department (LaJunta)
Huerfano/Las Animas County Health Department (Trinidad)
Custer County Planning and Zoning (Westcliffe)
Fremont County Building Department and Environmental Health (Canon City)
Southeastern Land and Environment (Lamar)
Baca County Public Health Agency (Springfield)

To contact the laboratory, please call