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e-Cycle to Own Program

Pueblo County, in partnership with the City of Pueblo, Pueblo West Metropolitan District, active community members, and local non-profit organizations, will implement Pueblo’s first-ever “e-Cycle-to-Own” program in parallel with the Colorado Energy Office’s 2021 eBike Pilot Program. Through the program, e-Bikes (electric bicycles) will be handed off to income-approved essential workers in our communities. The program enables healthier worker lifestyles with a more flexible form of transportation especially to those who do not have access to a car for transportation to/from work.

The program will be piloted with forty-two (42) e-Bikes including accessories (helmet, U-lock cable, headlamp, portable pump, and spare tubes) and to be administered by Pueblo County under two years of data gathering, monitoring & evaluation. Qualified applicants will need to participate in mandatory e-Bike training & data collection, pass the e-Bike road test, and sign a waiver & agreement with the county, among others. We encourage everyone, especially the employers in Pueblo to disseminate this information in various ways so that our worthy Pueblo citizens can take advantage of this unique opportunity that has come to our income-approved communities in a timely manner. Registration will be open from December 1, 2022 through February 8, 2023.

To be eligible in the program process, a proof of residence and proof of income indicating an annual salary of not more than $35,000 will be required. An online application is available by clicking this link or by using a smartphone photo app to scan the QR Code. For more information or questions,  please send an email to Amanda Cesar

e-Bike Online version of the Application e-Bike Online version of the Application

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