The Pueblo County Coroner’s office understands there are many things the everyday citizen does not always know when a loss of a loved one occurs.

Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions that come up during this sorrowful time.  We hope the information below will assist you by providing some answers. 

Colorado law requires that death in certain circumstances be referred to the Coroner for review and/or investigation. All deaths that have any unnatural influence will be referred to the Coroner as well as some deaths that occur in hospitals and other facilities.

After the initial contact with a representative of the Coroner’s Office, the family’s first step is to contact the Deathcare provider of choice. This will begin the process to produce a Death Certificate and provide for any viewing, memorialization and disposition of the deceased.

There is no viewing of the deceased necessary or allowed while the decedent is in the care of the Coroner’s Office. Any viewing will be arranged through the Deathcare provider of the family’s choice.

Under certain circumstances, an autopsy is required by Colorado law. The Coroner is legally charged with determining a cause and manner of death, therefore, it is the decision of the Coroner to have an autopsy performed in the absence of other definitive evidence.

Autopsy reports are available as public information. They usually become available 6-8 weeks following the procedure. The report must be requested in writing and the request must include a copy of the requester’s photo ID. One copy is provided at no charge to the Next-of-Kin. There is a $20.00 fee for any other copies.

No. The services of the Coroner’s office are a part of the Pueblo County Budget.

In most cases, organ and tissue donation are available regardless of the Coroner’s office involvement. The organization receiving the donation will have the final say for accepting any donation once the Coroner’s office has approved and released the decedent.

Certified Copies of Death Certificates may be purchased from the Colorado Department of Health and Environment. In Pueblo County, the address is Pueblo Department of Health and Environment, 101 West 9th Street. (719) 583-4555.

There are public and private funds available to assist indigent families with final expenses. Deathcare providers will help you apply for the assistance.

Personal property is occasionally collected and held by the Coroner’s office. This property can be claimed by the Next-of-Kin after contacting the Coroner’s office and making arrangements to do so. In some instances, a Law Enforcement agency collects the personal property as evidence. In those instances, arrangements will need to be made with that agency.