What is WIC?

The Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program is a federally funded supplemental Nutrition & Breastfeeding Support Program. WIC is for income eligible families with children up to the age of five, breastfeeding mothers and postpartum women up to six months.

How do I apply for WIC?

Visit your local WIC office with your valid ID to apply. If you meet the current income guidelines, or qualify for Medicaid, SNAP, or TANF then you can schedule your first WIC appointment at 719.583.4392 or fax a completed WIC Application Form to the Pueblo WIC Office 719-583-4397 

Application Form

Do I qualify for WIC?

Your family may qualify if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or a postpartum woman, have infants/children up to five years old. All families are welcome - including families with moms, dads, grandparents as caregivers, kinship care and foster families.

  • All foster children under age five are automatically eligible for WIC.
  • Families automatically qualify for WIC if they participate in Medicaid, SNAP, or TANF.
  • Find out if you qualify for WIC: Income Guidelines ENGLISH/SPANISH

Can men participate in WIC?

WIC welcomes men. WIC recognizes the important roles that fathers and male caregivers play in caring for children. Fathers and male caregivers are encouraged to bring their family to appointments.

Why are the WIC foods for women, infants, and children only?

Pregnant women, women who just delivered, breastfeeding moms and children up to the age of five have extra nutritional needs to stay healthy. Women and children in these groups are growing quickly and moms who just delivered need to recover from their pregnancy. WIC foods are designed to provide the nutrients these groups need such as protein, iron, foliate, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C.

FAQ Answers: About Breastfeeding

What support does Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment offer for breastfeeding women?

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) promotes breastfeeding as the optimal infant feeding choice and supports mothers through many programs. Contact your local WIC office for more information on the following programs: free breastfeeding classes, Pump Loan Program, Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program and/or free breastfeeding counseling by specially trained staff including International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC).

Are there any laws in Colorado that support breastfeeding mothers?

There are two laws in Colorado that support breastfeeding. The Colorado Revised Statutes 25-6-302 established that a mother may breastfeed in any place she has a right to be. The Workplace Accommodations for Nursing Mothers Act requires an employer to: 1) provide reasonable unpaid break time, or allow an employee to use paid break and/or meal time, to express breast milk for her nursing child up to two years after the child's birth, or 2) Make reasonable efforts to provide a nursing mother with a private location in close working proximity to the work area in which to express milk.

Breastfeeding State Laws