Election Security

The Pueblo County Election Department is committed to providing safe, secure, and accessible elections.


  • Can choose to vote by paper ballot or touchscreen
  • Voters can track ballots
  • All election materials are kept for 25 months

Ballot Boxes

  • 24/7 video surveillance
  • Ballots transported by bipartisan teams and election staff
  • Chain of custody log and seals

Verifying Voter ID

  • Valid ID required for in-person voting
  • Valid ID required for first-time voters who didn't show ID when registering
  • Mail ballots require signature
  • Signatures verified electronically and by bipartisan election workers
  • Rejected signatures have 8 days after election to cure

Voting Equipment

  • Vote-counting equipment is never connected to the internet
  • Multi-factor authentication to access voter registration database
  • All equipment stored securely and tested by bipartisan teams

Testing and Certification

  • Pre-election testing: machines tested before each election
  • Post-election audit conducted by bipartisan audit board
  • Bipartisan canvas board reviews data and certifies election

Election Workers

  • FBI background checks
  • Cyber security training
  • Work in bipartisan teams
  • Visible IDs
  • Mandatory training

Secure Access

  • Entry logs and keypad for all secure areas
  • All areas under 24/7 video surveillance