After becoming a new Colorado Resident, you have 90 days to register your vehicle before penalty fees accrue. 

You will need to bring the following documentation: 

  • Out of State Title in your name and/or current Out of State registration.
    • If your vehicle is currently being financed:
      • We will need your Lienholders name and address. Out of state registration cannot be more than 6 months expired. If your registration is expired a copy of the title front and back from your lienholder will be required. This can be faxed to 719-583-4894.
      • A DR2444 Statement Of Fact must be completed stating that your title is being held by your lienholder (must include lienholders name and address) and that you understand you will not be receiving a Colorado Title.
  • DR 2504 Colorado Residency Establishment. 
  • A Colorado Verification of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) completed by:
    • Colorado Law Enforcement.
    • Colorado Licensed Dealership.
    • County Clerk Deputy upon availability.
    • Out of State VIN verifications will not be accepted. Vehicle must physically in Colorado.
  • Proof of Colorado Insurance.
    • Out of State Insurance policies will not be accepted. 
The owner must submit a DR 2504 and documentation to calculate the prorated taxes and fees owed from the date the owner became a resident of Colorado to the date the owner applied to register the vehicle, pursuant to section 42-3-103(4)(a)(II)(C), C.R.S. and 1 CCR 204-10 RULE 52 Residency Documentation.

For a complete list of acceptable forms, please contact our office.