What is required to Title a Vehicle 

  • Proper Ownership Documents:

    • Can be one of the following - Colorado title, Manufacture Statement of Origin (MSO) or Out of State Title.

      • Vin Inspection is required for all out of state titles. Vin Inspections can be obtained at any local Law Enforcement, Colorado Licensed Dealership, or County Clerk’s Motor Vehicle Office upon availability or weather permitting.

    • Title must be in the sellers name and properly assigned to the purchaser.

    • If any brands are indicated on the face of the title (Rebuilt from Salvage, Salvage, etc.) a DR 2710 Branded Title Disclosure is required.  

  • Odometer Disclosure section must be completed. 

    • Separate Secure Odometer Disclosure can be used. 

    • Odometer disclosure does not have to be completed if the vehicle has been exempted and marked as such on the front of the title. 

  • Bill Of Sale required if applicable.

Titling Vehicle Purchase from Colorado Dealer or Out of State Dealer 

  • What is required?

    • DR 2395 Application for Title

    • Colorado Title, Manufactures Statement/Certificate of Origin (MSO/MCO) or Out of State Title properly assigned by the dealer and assigned properly to the purchaser.

      • A Colorado VIN Inspection is required for all Out of State Title(s). However, if purchased from a Colorado Licensed Dealer, the inspection must be completed by the first Colorado dealership. 

    • Odometer disclosure must be completed on the Ownership document or can be completed on a separate secure form.

    • DR 0024 Sales or Use Tax Receipt applies to Colorado Dealers only.

    • A Bill of Sale from private party seller. 

    • A Purchase Order/Invoice is required if purchased from Out of State Dealer. 

    • Security Agreement is required if lien is indicated on application for title or on ownership document.

    • Secure and Verifiable Identification.

Apply for a duplicate/replacement title when your original title is: 

  • Illegible 

  • Lost 

  • Stolen 

  • Mutilated 

  • Altered 

Residents must provide: 

  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) 

  • Duplicate title fee $8.20 

Lien Release 

  • A lien release is required for all active liens. The lien release must be on the lienholders letterhead (letterhead is not required if lienholder is an individual). Photo and fax copies are acceptable and must include year, make, VIN, titled owner(s) name, agents signature, date of lien release and must be signed under penalty of perjury in the second degree as defined in CRS 18-8-503. 

Nonresidents must: 

Rebuilt from Salvage Title 

  • Rebuilt from Salvage is defined as a vehicle that was previously salvaged and repaired to roadworthy status. 

  • To obtain a Rebuilt from Salvage Title, you will need the following:

    • Colorado Salvage title, Salvage Receipt or Out of State Salvage title document properly assigned to the owner.

    • DR 2424 Salvage Title Statement of Fact completed by applicant and verified/signed by Certified VIN Inspector. This statement states procedures and parts used to restore the vehicle to roadworthy condition.

    • Receipts for major items or part used in the repair.

    • Prior to the Certified VIN Inspection, the applicant shall purchase a tool and dye kit and stamp into the motor vehicle the words “REBUILT FROM SALVAGE” with each letter being not less than one-fourth inch in size. Such words shall be a salvage brand and be stamped in the following locations CRS 42-6-136(3)(b)(II).

      • Motorcycle, on the frame in a visible location.

      • Class A motorhome, on the main entrance door jam.

      • Trailer, adjacent to the public vehicle identification number.

      • All other motor vehicles, on the body post to which the driver’s door latches, also known as the Driver’s door B pillar. 

  • DR 2704 Certified VIN Inspection performed by a certified law enforcement officer. 

  • The front of Colorado Salvage Title must be signed by the owner/buyer to indicate that the vehicle is roadworthy. 

  • Once the vehicle is branded and ownership changes, a DR 2710 Branded Title Disclosure must be given to the buyer to disclose why the vehicle was branded. 

Homemade Trailer 

  • A homemade trailer is self-assembled and does not have an identification number. A Colorado Trailer Assigned Identification Number will be issued to the trailer upon titling. 

To title and Register you’ll need: 

  • Colorado Certified VIN Inspection.

    • Must be obtained at Colorado State Patrol. 

  • Colorado Roadworthy Trailer Checklist completed and signed by a certified VIN Inspector.

    • Roadworthy Trailer checklist is on the lower portion of the DR 2697 Certificate of Equipment Compliance For Homemade and In Lieu of Bond Trailer. 

  • Certified Weight Slip (as determined by the inspector on the DR 2697).

    • Weight slips can be obtained at any certified weight scale. 

Kit Trailer 

  • Kit trailers are trailers that were purchased either assembled or unassembled from a retail sales business, which is not a licensed Colorado Motor Vehicle Dealer. Although the manufacturer may have included an Identification number, a trailer assigned id number is required for all kit trailers. 

  • Titling and Registering a Kit trailer

For more specific information about titling, such as titling in the name of a trust, a title involving a deceased owner, or bonding for title, please contact our Motor Vehicle Department at 719-583-6507