Bessemer, Eilers/Bojon Town & Grove Improvement Network (BEGIN)

Our Vision

“Safe, resourceful, self-sustaining, connected community where businesses thrive, residents are heard, and community members are engaged, proud, and healthy within the Bessemer, Eilers/Bojon Town, and Grove neighborhoods.”


Who We Are


BEGIN is a network of neighborhood residents, city staff, health professionals, non-profit organizations, and other local stakeholders that are coming together to make changes to the built environment to increase physical activity, safety, connection, and pride throughout the Bessemer, Eilers/Bojon Town, and Grove neighborhoods.


What We Do

BEGIN works to help improve the community by empowering residents, local businesses, and local organizations to join in the decision-making process of neighborhood planning.

BEGIN is currently working on helping the City Planning and Community Development Department in the adoption of a neighborhood revitalization plan.

BEGIN is also working on several community projects, like developing a historical art walk, throughout the neighborhoods to highlight the history, art, and culture of the community as well as increase physical activity, safety, connection, and pride throughout Bessemer, Eiler’s/Bojon Town, and the Grove. 

To make sure we are making a difference, we are aiming to improve policies, systems, and the built environment (building structures, sidewalks, parks, etc.) to make a lasting change.


Get Involved!

If you would like to get involved, please contact Alexis (Lexi) Romero

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Alexis (Lexi) Romero: 719-583-4480, [email protected]

Akemi Moore: 719-583-4311, [email protected]