The information below summarizes confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases in Pueblo County so that residents, businesses, schools, and agencies can better understand the spread of the virus.

Due to reporting delays, data corrections, and reassignment of cases across jurisdictions, data from the most recent 14-day period are subject to change. Data are retrieved from Colorado’s Electronic Disease Reporting System (CEDRS) unless otherwise noted.

Pueblo County COVID-19 Totals


Total confirmed and probable cases*


Total deaths

*A "probable case" meets the clinical criteria and epidemiological evidence, yet it has not been laboratory confirmed with a test.
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is now reporting probable cases across the state.


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Keep track of outbreaks

Outbreak data represents only part of all COVID-19 cases. Posting may also vary by county, especially when transmission levels are high. and shouldn’t be used alone to evaluate risk. 

Covid-19 outbreak details


New Cases by Day
Date New Cases
November 24, 2021 133
November 23, 2021 82
November 22, 2021 76
November 21, 2021 73
November 20, 2021 102
November 19, 2021 128
November 18, 2021 144
Deaths per day
Date Reported Deaths
November 24, 2021 0
November 23, 2021 0
November 22, 2021 2
November 21, 2021 3
November 20, 2021 3
November 19, 2021 4
November 18, 2021 0

The data above is updated Friday by 5:00 pm excluding government holidays.