4.04.010 Client service accounts and tax deeds--Treasurer authority.

The Pueblo County Treasurer is authorized to receive advance payment moneys for client services and tax deed purchase moneys in payment of the necessary official fees, costs and expenses of the Pueblo County Treasurer and the Treasurer may deposit the same to the Treasurer’s advance payment fund, at his or her election, and to distribute the same according to the necessary accruals incurred by the application of the deposit sum to the payment and discharge of such accruals and satisfaction of the account for which payment was initially made, all to effect the transfer by law required. (Res. dated 11/22/71)

4.04.020 Disposition of fines and forfeitures.

All fines and forfeitures for the violation of ordinances of Pueblo County, and all moneys collected for licenses or otherwise, shall be paid to the Treasurer of Pueblo County not less frequently than monthly, and shall be by the Treasurer deposited into the general fund of the county. (Ord. 2, 1980)

4.04.030 Bail bonds.

The county courts of Pueblo County are authorized to accept a bail bond when any person has been arrested for violation of any county ordinance. When such bond is accepted, it shall have the same validity and effect as bail bonds provided for under the criminal statutes of the state of Colorado. (Ord. 3, 1980)

4.04.040 Bookkeeping.

The bookkeeping functions, preparation of vouchers, examination of accounts and the payment thereof, as well as the keeping of the records, vouchers etc., in relation to these accounts shall be under the general direction of the Board of County Commissioners and all employees shall be under their general supervision. (Res. dated 1/24/74)

4.04.050 Processing fee and special review fee.

The following fees are established for the processing and special review of a special district plan:
Processing fee: five hundred dollars ($500.00).
Special review fee: A minimum of five hundred dollars ($500.00) and not more than one one-hundredth of one percent of the service plan’s indicated debt or ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) whichever is less, based on the reasonable direct costs related to a special review.
For the purpose of this section and the fees established hereunder, "special review of a service plan is defined as extraordinary services provided by staff or expenses incurred by staff in the review of a service plan including, but not limited to, retaining technical or financial advisors or staff time beyond the basic review and comment involved in the application of the provisions of the Special District Act, Section 32-1-101 et seq., C.R.S., to a service plan. (Res. 92-149)

4.04.060 Chair of the Board to sign certain contracts.

The chair of the Board or the chair pro tem in the chair’s absence, is authorized to sign all contracts processed by the Board of County Commissioners that commit Pueblo County to an annual expenditure of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000.00) or less in accordance with the provisions of the requirements of the Pueblo County contract procedure. (Res. 99-15)