8.22.010 Unlawful Acts.

It shall be unlawful for any person to openly carry any firearm or deadly weapon within any building or on any property owned or leased by Pueblo County. (Res. 04-55 § 1)

8.22.020. Posting of signs.

All County Elected Officials and Department Directors or any other person who has administrative or supervisory authority over any building or specific area owned or leased by the County, shall post signs at the public entrances to each building owned or leased by the County, and in a conspicuous place upon property owned or leased by the County, informing the public that the open carrying of firearms, handguns and dangerous weapons is prohibited. (Res. 04-55 § 2)

8.22.030 Not applicable.

This chapter shall not apply to peace officers and shall not be deemed to effect or impair in any way the authority of any public or private property owner other than Pueblo County to prohibit the carrying of firearms into or upon other public or private property. (Res. 04-55)

8.22.040 Definition.

For the purpose of this chapter, firearm and deadly weapons shall have the same meaning as set forth in Section 18-1-901 (1) (e) and (h), C.R.S. (Res. 04-55)

8.22.050 Penalty.

Any person who violates section 8.22.010 of this chapter commits a class 3 misdemeanor and shall be subject to the penalties and surcharges described in Section 18-1.3-501 (1), C.R.S. (Res. 04-55)