The Enterprise Zone is a program that allows businesses, nonprofits, and individuals to take advantage of tax credits for assisting in the redevelopment and economic improvement of certain zones within Pueblo County.

Pueblo County is dedicated to helping local businesses and organizations thrive and facilitate growth by finding resources to assist. The EZ Program was created to promote a business-friendly environment in economically distressed areas by offering state income tax credits to:

  1. For-profit businesses to locate and expand in EZ areas
  2. Taxpayers who contribute to nonprofit organizations to assist with the needs of the area

The Pueblo County Enterprise Zone is a program that allows businesses located within the approved Zone to receive a variety of State tax credits. However, you must pre-certify your intention to claim the tax credit before carrying out the activity that would earn you the credit.

The State of Colorado's Enterprise Zone site will allow you to do the following:

  • Check if your business is located within an Enterprise Zone via its interactive map
  • See the types of Enterprise Zone tax credits available
  • Allow you to apply for a pre-certification and later, a certification to submit with your Colorado income tax filing

Visit the site here.

If you have additional specific questions, please contact the Pueblo County Enterprise Zone Administrator, Jennifer Wagoner, whose information is below.

Many nonprofit organizations located within the Pueblo County Enterprise Zone are eligible to create a Contribution Project, which allows donors who give a minimum of $250 to reclaim up to 25% of their donation as a Colorado State income tax credit. Contribution Projects aim to focus community engagement on an economic issue or opportunity to elicit a shift and accomplish a targeted economic development goal within a defined time period. The program strongly focuses on the ability of the nonprofit to aid in job creation/retention and business expansion in the Enterprise Zone.

To learn if your nonprofit might be able to apply to become a Contribution Project, visit the State of Colorado's Enterprise Zone site and see if you are located within an Enterprise Zone (scroll down to map). If so, please contact the Pueblo County Enterprise Zone Administrator through the Pueblo Means Business office at [email protected] 

Donors who donate $250 or more to an Enterprise Zone Contribution Project are eligible to claim up to a 25% Colorado State income tax credit.  These projects in Pueblo County encourage community participation and public private partnerships to revitalize the Pueblo Enterprise Zone.

To donate to one of the Pueblo County Contribution projects, contact one or more of the organizations below for their information. Send your donation of $250 or more directly to the selected organizations with Enterprise Zone Donation listed in the memo line. The organization must request the last four digits of your social security number or your Colorado Account Number to process your donation through the program. Donors having made a certified contribution to an Enterprise Zone Contribution Project may claim 25% of a cash donation as an income tax credit, and half of that amount (12.5%) for an in-kind donation. The actual credit earned is figured based on all eligible contributions during the tax year, and capped at $100,000 per tax-payer with the balance carried forward up to 5 years. For advice on individual tax payer eligibility, please contact an accountant.