General Information (all fields required)


Please answer the following questions according to your experience and comfort level. Please note that none of these
answers will prevent you from working as an Election Judge; they will just help us figure out where you will shine brightest.

Circle the number that most closely matches your comfort level (1 = Uncomfortable, 10 = Very Comfortable)

I am comfortable with computers and simple technology and able to update/register voters as well as issue ballots.
I can look at a computer screen for multiple hours at a time and can quickly compare signatures.
I am comfortable with the more physical positions—including walking, lifting, and standing for longer periods of time.
I have good customer service skills and can always maintain political neutrality.
Are you registered to vote?
Will you be willing to work your entire assignment and not call off?
Have you ever been convicted of any election offense or fraud?
Are you capable of passing a criminal background check?


I certify that I am a registered eligible elector in Pueblo County; that I am a U.S. Citizen; that I am physically and mentally able to perform and complete assigned tasks; I will attend a class of instruction; that I have never been convicted of election fraud or any other election offense; and I am not a candidate or immediate family member of a candidate running in the precinct I am serving in. (C.R.S. 1-6-101)