Pages on the website are created using one of the following Content Types.  Each content type may have unique fields and settings available depending on it's use on the website.

  • Basic Page - Use the basic page content type for your simplest pages that only require a title and body.  The body of the page may contain limited HTML but does not support advanced layouts or widgets.
  • Dynamic Page - A dynamic page may include more advanced layouts and elements (or "widgets"). Use a dynamic page for special landing pages with more visual elements such as images and videos and multiple columns.
  • Calendar Event -  Calendar events include start/end dates and location information. These events will be included on your department's list of upcoming events. Past events are automatically removed from the list.
  • Contact Us Profile -  Information for "Contact Us" blocks. This includes location, address, telephone numbers, and webform email contact forms.
  • News Article - Use a News Article for time sensitive information such as a press release or announcement. News articles include a submission date and author details and are included on your departments recent news list.
  • Knowledge Base Start Page - The knowledge base start page represents the initial landing page for a Knowledge Base. Use this page to show featured articles within the Knowledge Base and other featured information. Supports dynamic widgets similar to a Dynamic Page.
  • Knowledge Base Article - Use a Knowledge Base Article for specific information within a Knowledge Base. Knowledge Base articles are searchable within the Knowledge Base. Supports dynamic widgets similar to a Dynamic Page.