Downloadable Applications & Forms

In addition to applying online using our Online Applications feature, PDF versions are available for download here.

Please contact staff at the Planning and Development department to determine whether your project will require you to submit one of these applications.  Please note that aerial view maps will not be accepted for site plan drawings.


Geological studies are required by Colorado counties for all subdivisions of unincorporated land into parcels of less than 35 acres, under State statute C.R.S. 30-28-101 et seq. (Senate Bill 35, 1972). Some Colorado municipalities require geological studies for subdivision of incorporated land. In addition, local governments are empowered to regulate development activities in hazardous or mineral-resource areas under C.R.S. 24-65.1-101 et seq. (House Bill 1041, 1974) and C.R.S. 34-1-301 et seq. (House Bill 1529, 1973), respectively.

Local-government agencies submit proposed subdivision applications and supporting technical reports to the Colorado Geological Survey ”...for evaluation of those geologic factors which would have significant impact on the proposed use of the land,“ in accordance with State statutes. The CGS reviews the submitted documents and serves as a technical advisor to local-government planning agencies during the planning process. Since 1984, the CGS has been required by law to recover the full direct cost of performing such reviews.

The adequate knowledge of a site’s geology is essential for any development project. It is needed at the start of the project in order to plan, design, and construct a safe development. Proper planning for geological conditions can help developers and future owners/users reduce unnecessary maintenance and/or repair costs.