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The Family Planning Clinic at PDPHE is helping to improve sexual and reproductive health by providing teens and young adults a number of services.

We aim to help teens make informed decisions about their sexual health, while also encouraging communication and support from a parent or trusted adult.

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Keep in mind as the school year draws near, there may be a waiting period until children are able to be seen due to the large volume of appointments being scheduled.

It is time to please review your child’s immunization record, especially if they are entering Kindergarten, 6th Grade, or High School.

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Food Handling and Safety in Pueblo County

Norovirus is the leading cause of foodborne illness in the United States and in Colorado. It can infect people of all ages and can be easily spread from an infected person to others through contaminated food, water, and surfaces. This past spring, PDPHE investigated a norovirus outbreak in the community.

The graph below shows some food safety practices checked by the health department during inspections in Pueblo county. From January to May 2023, 27% of inspected facilities did not follow proper hand washing guidelines, 30% of facilities failed to store perishable food at safe cold temperatures, 44% did not cool their cooked foods to safe temperatures to prevent bacteria growth, and 51% failed to thaw frozen food safely to prevent bacteria growth.

All of these food mishandlings resulted in violations that required corrective actions by the facilities.

Bar graph showing percentage of food safety practices not being followed.

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