A cellpgone showing the new SoCoYoGo App on the screen

The brand new SoCoYoGo app is here! SoCoYoGo decreases barriers youth face when accessing local positive locations and rewards them with incentives and prizes.

The app features an all new "Groups" feature that allows teams, schools, or friend groups to create plans, video chat, and enjoy the rewards of the app together!

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Public Health CHAMPION - The Health Department annually recognizes an individual, business or organization's significant contribution to Pueblo's public health as a role model in our community. Nominations now open!

The public is invited to nominate an individual, business, or organization for displaying significant contributions to Pueblo’s public health as a role model in our community.

The recognition of Public Health Champion began in 2012 for the health department to recognize individuals in Pueblo who worked to improve the community’s health over time.

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Southern Colorado Youth Go (SoCoYoGo) Highlights

Southern Colorado Youth Go (SoCoYoGo) was established in April 2022. It was created to provide prosocial activities that are safe and fun for Pueblo youth to engage in. Youths can accumulate seeds by scanning QR codes at partnering locations in Pueblo to receive rewards. Currently, there are 174 users, 84 prosocial locations to accumulate seeds, and 13 locations to redeem the rewards.

In February of 2024, there were 2 additional users who joined SoCoYoGo. Watch out for upcoming news on the SoCoYoGo day in April 2024 and the new app launching in spring of 2024.

Data on SoCoYoGo showing 174 current users, 84 prosocial locations, 13 reward locations

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