Calling all Artists

Submit your art design for display along the History and Art Walk in Pueblo neighborhoods!

The Community Organizing for Neighborhood Improvement (CONI) Project, a program of the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment (PDPHE), is seeking proposals from local artists to create, install, and display their art along the Pueblo History and Art Walk in the Bessemer, Eiler’s Heights/Bojon Town, and Grove Superfund Neighborhoods.

The Pueblo History and Art Walk (art walk) is a self-guided walking tour designed to showcase the history and art in these neighborhoods. The art walk is designed and led by neighborhood residents and is intended to bring more pedestrian foot traffic through the area near local businesses and highlight three of the oldest neighborhoods in Pueblo.

The art walk will take pedestrians through each neighborhood, starting at the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo (riverwalk) going through Grove, up Santa Fe Hill, into Bojon Town/Eiler’s Heights, to the Northern Avenue Business Corridor, and back downtown to Union Avenue and the riverwalk.

The CONI Project will award two proposals to be displayed along the Pueblo History and art walk for one year.

Chosen artists will receive a financial honorarium up to $5,000 to create, install, and display their art piece.

Interested artist must read the Request for Quotes and complete the Art Proposal Application.


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Click HERE to download the Art Proposal Application

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Click HERE to download the Request for Quotes.

What is the CSRP?

The CSRP is made up of neighborhood stakeholders working on revitalization of the Bessemer, Eiler’s Heights/Bojon Town, and Grove neighborhoods. The CSRP works to complete neighborhood projects identified in the city-adopted Colorado Smelter Revitalization Plan (revitalization plan). Through the CSRP, neighborhood residents, business owners, and organizations have a voice in neighborhood planning and bringing change to the community.


Where the CSRP Began

Colorado Smelter
Image Courtesy of the Bessemer Historical Society

In 2014, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) designated an old Colorado Smelter Facility as an “EPA Superfund Site” due to high levels of lead and arsenic found in soil of the surrounding area. Studies completed by the EPA showed a need for soil cleanups and remediation to protect the health and safety of residents living in the neighborhoods. The EPA has worked on soil cleanups and remediation and has sponsored and supported brainstorming and planning of future use and revitalization of the area.

The CSRP was formed and hosted community meetings, developed a revitalization plan for the community, and brought the plan to Pueblo City Council for official adoption. Now, the CSRP is working toward carrying out the plan to revitalize the Bessemer, Eiler’s Heights/Bojon Town, and Grove neighborhoods.

The Vision

The CSRP is working to carry out the newly adopted revitalization plan in the neighborhoods and has the following goals::

  1. Connectivity and Cultural Heritage
  2. Thriving Neighborhoods
  3. Vibrant Commercial, with over 30 achievable efforts

To see projects the CSRP hopes to achieve, review the revitalization plan


Current CSRP Projects

In July 2021, the CSRP received grant funds to accomplish several projects identified in the Revitalization Plan.

Pueblo History and Art Walk

The Pueblo History and Art Walk was created to acknowledge the history of the Bessemer, Eiler’s Heights/Bojon Town, and Grove neighborhoods, while also adding new amenities, infrastructure, and art to the area. The Art Walk consists of three loops extending into each of the three neighborhoods starting and ending at the Pueblo Riverwalk. The team leading this project is working to encourage physical activity and community connection by:

  • Installing wayfinding and gateway signage in the neighborhoods along the walk
  • Adding three art sculptures along the Art Walk
  • Promoting the Art Walk to community members

Beautification and Safety Infrastructure

The CSRP developed a team to work on planning beautification and high-quality infrastructure projects to provide a safe and pleasant space for community members to enjoy. The team will be completing projects to accomplish these goals and are set to be completed by June 2022.

  • Wrapping and painting utility boxes or vacant shop windows with historical photos in the neighborhoods.
  • Adding one or more community murals.
  • Adding safety features. Possible projects include, but are not limited to; better walking and biking areas, directional signage, adding more recreation services, and beautification events hosted by neighborhoods residents.

A Future Project to be Determined by the CSRP

 The CSRP has additional funds for one or more additional projects related to the built environment and health, which will be determined by the coalition.

Possible projects could include:

  • connecting the neighborhoods to recreation options
  • connecting the neighborhoods to downtown Pueblo such as bike racks, bike locks, community shared bikes, and other walking and biking equipment
  • improving streetscapes with beautification, pedestrian friendly infrastructure, and neighborhood signage


Get Involved!

To join the CSRP coalition, help with projects, or for more information, contact Alexis (Lexi) Romero, or Darena Herschler.

Alexis (Lexi) Romero Stewart: 719-583-4480

Darena Herschler: 719-583-4320