The Family-Friendly Pueblo County initiative seeks to build support for affordable and quality childcare and assist businesses with adopting family-friendly workplace policies. The main goal is to work with diverse communities to increase health, safety, and economic security for women and their families through the implementation of primary prevention strategies across Colorado.                                                                  

Family-Friendly Pueblo County

Family-Friendly Workplaces

Family-friendly workplace achievement focuses on policy and procedure changes within worksites to support employees and their families.

Studies show family-friendly workplace policies:

  • Increase rates of recruitment and retention of employees
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce overall stress in family households
  • Reduce risk factors for child abuse and neglect

These improvements in the workplace are accomplished through an improved work and life balance and a stable income to provide for basic needs for the employee and their family, which, in turn, positively impacts the employer.


Quality Childcare

All children are precious and deserve quality care, regardless of where their care is coming from. In Pueblo County, professionals agree “quality,” at minimum, should be safe, healthy, engaging, happy, and positive in any childcare setting.

While assuring children are being cared for, this initiative focuses on:

  • Improving recruitment and retention rates of providers in childcare setting
  • Ensuring parents/guardians have access to childcare benefits and feel content with the care their children are receiving

Community partners such as Children First, Executives Partnering to Invest in Children (EPIC), and Department of Human Services assist this program in implementing positive change around access to quality, affordable childcare.

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Want to Learn More?


Lindsey Dunbar: 719-583-4330, [email protected]

Adopting family-friendly workplace policies

Once a worksite is interested in implementing policy or procedural changes, they can get an in-person meeting or conference call to be recognized for the great work they’re already doing around family-friendly workplace policies, while also looking at areas for potential growth and opportunity. Once enough information is gathered and analyzed, an action plan will be created for each worksite detailing changes to be made, timelines, and steps needed to engage and inform employees. As the business implements the work plan, they will receive technical assistance, such as being connected with other organizations making similar changes, building evaluation methods, and providing best practice examples, tips, or resources.

Breastfeeding policies are family-friendly, too! Check back soon for a link to learn more about this program!


Below is a list of Pueblo’s family-friendly workplaces so far!

Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment

Catholic Charities

Parkview Medical Center

Pueblo City-County Library District

Pueblo Community College

Health Solutions

Building Blocks Childcare Center

Kinderkirk Childcare Center

NeighborWorks Southern Colorado

Bright Beginnings Childcare Center

Children’s Palace Learning Center



Benefits of being Family-Friendly 

Family Friendly Infographic

Family Friendly Facts

Childcare Providers and Parents

Follow this link to our Communities That Care page to learn more about the childcare efforts happening in Pueblo County!

For more information on licensure, contact Children First at 719-549-3411 or visit