The solid waste program of the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment responds to citizen complaints and enforcement duties ONLY in the county areas of Pueblo.

The Solid Waste program was officially established in 1978 to reduce and control illegal disposal of litter within the county, eliminate rodent harborage, the stockpiling of trash and litter, improve the esthetics of Pueblo County, monitor designated landfill sites and inspect vehicles pertaining to licensed trash haulers.

The main priorities of the solid waste program center on responding to citizen complaints and the surveillance of properties within the county for unlawful accumulations of trash, litter and the absence of trash containers.

Solid waste complaints and/or issues within the city limits of Pueblo are handled by the Police Support Technicians at the Pueblo Police Department, 553-2592.


If you have a complaint about solid waste in the county areas of Pueblo, you may call the complaint line at 719-583-4323 or email us.

Complaints have must the following information:

  1. What the complaint is about.
  2. The location of the complaint, exact legal addresses/locations.
  3. The owner or occupant of the property if you know it.
  4. The date and time the problem occurred.
  5. Your name, phone number, and the best time to contact you. You must now supply this information in order for us to take action.

Covering Roll-Offs On Construction Sites

Contractors, builders, and sub-contractors will be cited with a summons to County Court under Regulation IX, Section 3, 3.11. if they allow roll-offs on their construction sites to be uncovered and/or the contents stacked above the roll-off rim, allowing debris to escape.

An easy remedy for this is the orange fencing that is sold at equipment rental facilities and other outlets. This fencing can be attached in 2 or 3 rows to a 2x4 and easily unrolled across the top of the dumpster. It can be secured on the sides and end with bungee cords.