Tuberculosis, which usually affect the lung, is preventable and curable, but many people still suffer from it. Some even die.

Human lungs with TB infection


TB germs are in someone’s body but aren’t making them sick, and they can’t make others sick.

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With proper treatment, 9 out of 10 people who have TB infection will avoid getting TB disease.

Human lungs with TB disease


Tb germs become active and multiply making the person sick and able to pass the disease on to others. TB is curable.

Colorado flag with text, As many as 220,000 Coloradans carry the germs (TB infection), that can lead to tuberculosis (TB disease). There were 64 cases of TB disease in Colorado in 2016.

*Tuberculosis Infection in the United Sates: Prevalence Estimates from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2011-2012


You are at greater risk of having TB infection if you:

  • Lived in or come from parts of the world that have higher rates of TB disease.
  • Are around people who have TB disease.
  • Take medications that may reduce your risk to fight infection.
  • Have conditions that weaken your immune system. These include diabetes, cancer, HIV or AIDS, and renal failure.

Tuberculosis Services   

  1. Testing and treatment for individuals with latent or active (contagious) TB.  
  2. Assists local healthcare providers with the diagnosis and treatment of latent (non-contagious) TB patients.   
  3. In cooperation with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s TB program, provide testing, daily treatment, contact investigation, and case management of patients with active TB.   
  4. At-risk population testing to reduce the burden of TB in Pueblo County.    


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