Frequently Asked Questions

VA Health Care Benefits   If you served active duty as a member of the U.S. Armed Forces at any time, you may be eligible for VA medical benefits. After 1980, two years of minimum active duty is usually required. We can file a simple VA Form 1010EZ along with a copy of your DD214 discharge paper to apply for medical benefits. VA medical benefits are NOT INCOME BASED.

Family Health Care   The Veteran of the family must meet one of the following criteria for the spouse to obtain medical benefits:

  • The Veteran must be 100% service-connected disabled
  • The Veteran is deceased from service-connected disabilities
  • The Veteran died during active duty with the U.S. Armed Forces as a result of a service-connected injury

Nearest VA facility
Pueblo VA Outpatient Clinic
4776 Eagleridge Circle
Pueblo, CO 81008
(719) 553-1000

VA Medical costs    Under normal VA Medical benefit programs, the veteran is required to make a "co-pay" for medications prescribed or approved by a VA medical facility. In certain income situations, the VA may waive these fees.

Survivor benefits    The same criteria as applying for medical benefits apply for spouse/survivor VA pension. See Family Health Care faq (above).

No discharge papers   The Veterans Service Office can send a request to the Military Archives Center in St. Louis, MO for a certified copy of your military records. Replacement records can take a lengthy amount of time to obtain. In some cases, the records are not available at the Records Center and must be constructed from military units, facilities, etc.

Less than Honorable Discharge   In most cases, you are entitled to most VA benefits as long as your discharge was other than a "Dishonorable Discharge".

Vietnam & Agent Orange   If you served in the military during the Vietnam era, you are automatically considered at risk from the effects of Agent Orange and may be entitled to special VA medical benefits as service-connected. If you were exposed to atomic bomb testing or served during the Gulf War or other special circumstances during other military services, you may be considered at risk for service-connected disabilities. These can include cancer, diabetes, and numerous other physical and physiological ailments.

How do I obtain Disabled Veterans Plates   To obtain DV license plates refer to the checklist in the DMV website listed below. You must obtain an eligibility letter from the VA. The veteran can call the VA at 1-800-82-1000 and ask for a letter of eligibility or visit the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) Office at the Colorado Springs VA Clinic located at 3141 Centennial Blvd.

To obtain a DV license plate without the Handicapped designation,  you must submit a letter from the VA that you are permanent, service-connected disabled with a rating of 50% or more. You will also need to present proof of Insurance and ta title receipt or a copy of a current registration receipt. If you want the handicapped plates, then click on the Disabled Handicapped Veteran plates link listed in the site below and follow the instructions.

For further information, please visit the following website:

Colorado Department of Motor Vehicle - Military License Plates 

Click on Disabled Veteran and scroll down to the Disabled Veteran License Plate Checklist. You may also contact the Veterans Office at 719-583-4544.