17.152.090 Designation and regulation of natural hazard areas and mineral resource areas.

   The Board of County Commissioners having considered the intensity of current and foreseeable development pressures, applicable guidelines for identification and designation adopted and issued by the Colorado Land Use Commission, the guidelines and criteria for identification and land use control of natural hazard areas and mineral resource areas published by the Colorado Geological Survey, and the minimum criteria for the regulation of these areas published by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs on April 2, 1976, it is the order of this Board that all natural hazard areas, mineral resource areas, and initial control areas within the unincorporated areas of the County of Pueblo delineated on the Pueblo County Natural Hazard Area Map(s) and Mineral Resource Area Map(s), which maps are presently available for public inspection in the offices of the Pueblo County Planning and Development Department, and the Pueblo County Clerk and Recorder, are designated as areas of State and local interest and that these areas are subject to these regulations. The areas designated concurrently with the adoption of these regulations shall have indicated on said map(s) the data of said designation. Hereafter, when and if additional natural hazard, mineral resource, and initial control areas are added to said map, such new areas as shown on the amended map shall have indicated in each new area the date of each such designation.