17.156.010 Criteria for site selection.

   A proposal within the unincorporated jurisdiction of the County of Pueblo which falls within one or more of the following criteria shall be considered site selection of arterial highways, interchanges, and collector highways requiring application to this Board for a permit to conduct such activity:

   A. The proposal represents a limited-access highway which is part of the federal-aid interstate system, or a limited-access highway constructed under the supervision of the Colorado State Department of Highways.

   B. The proposal will eventually serve corridor movements having trip length and travel density characteristic of substantial Statewide or interstate travel.

   C. The proposal will result in the service of all, or nearly all, urban areas having a population of fifty thousand (50,000) or more, as well as the greatest majority of population centers having a population of twenty-five thousand (25,000) and more.

   D. The proposal will serve the major activity centers of a metropolitan area, the highest traffic volume corridors, the longest trip itineraries, and carry a high proportion of the total urban travel of minimum mileage, the major portion of trips entering and leaving the urban area, as well as the majority of through-traffic movements by-passing the urban center, or serve significant intra-area travel, such as between central business districts and outlying residential areas, between major intra-city communities, or between major suburban centers.

   E. The proposal represents a major thoroughfare serving as a corridor or link between municipalities, unincorporated population centers, and constructed under guidelines and standards established by, or under the supervision of, the Colorado State Department of Highways.

   F. The proposal involves the intersection, or transfer of traffic, between two or more of the types of highways described in Subsections B through E of this Section, at grade or with grade separation.

   For the purpose of this Chapter, "site selection" shall mean the preliminary selection of a highway corridor which is not in the 1990 Thoroughfare Plan for Pueblo, and application for a permit to engage in such activity shall be required before any earth moving or other work is done which shall physically affect the site selected. Once a permit has been issued for site selection of a highway corridor, however, this Board shall not thereafter be concerned with the further refinement of design, engineering or construction related to such activity. The person or entity engaging in or planning the activity shall, however, apply to this Board for an additional permit in the event that changes in plans should result in the moving or expansion of the activity to a site not approved in the original permit. Any permit granted by this Board shall simply state that the particular activity for the particular site or corridor therein described shall be allowed.


17.156.020 Procedure.

   Any "person" desiring to engage in the conduct of this activity of State interest within Pueblo County shall file an application for a permit with the County of Pueblo and its Land Use Administration. "Person," as defined by statute, is any individual, partnership, corporation, association, company, or other public or corporate body, including the federal government and includes any political subdivision, agency, instrumentality, or corporation of the State.

   No later than thirty (30) days after receipt of application, the County Land Use Administration will publish a notice of a hearing of the permit application. Such notice shall be published not less than thirty (30) days nor more than sixty (60) days prior to the date set for the hearing. (Res. P&D 15-036, app. 7-15-2015)

   The County of Pueblo may approve an application for permit to conduct this activity of State interest if the proposed activity complies with the County’s guidelines for the conduct of site selection of arterial highways, interchanges and collector highways within the County of Pueblo. If the proposed activity does not comply with these guidelines, the permit shall be denied.

   No later than forty-five (45) days after the hearing date, the Board will either grant or deny the permit request.

   A permit to conduct this activity shall be required at the following time, respectively:

   1. For major additions to the 1990 Thoroughfare Plan: prior to submittal to the State.

17.156.030 Guidelines.

   A permit for the conduct of site selection of arterial highways, interchanges and collector highways shall be issued by this Board following a public hearing upon the application for such a permit, provided that the Board shall have received at such hearing evidence satisfactory to it that:

   A. There is sufficient existing and projected need within the County and the region to warrant and support the activity proposed.

   B. The proposal is the best alternative available to meet local transportation needs within the approved Transportation Plan, and is of general benefit to the residents of the County and region while promoting uniform application of the latest transportation planning principles.

   C. The proposed activity is consistent with the 1990 Thoroughfare Plan for Pueblo, or any subsequently approved transportation plans, as well as the local and State comprehensive plans.

   D. The activity will provide an integrated network without stub connections except where unusual geographic or traffic flow conditions require otherwise.

   E. All environmental impacts, to the extent that the same are determined by this Board to be adverse, will be sufficiently mitigated or compensated for.

   F. Disruption of existing community patterns, including, but not limited to: neighborhoods; pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular traffic circulation patterns; historic, scenic, aesthetic or other unique features or characteristics; and existing land use will not occur or will, in the opinion of this Board, be sufficiently mitigated or compensated for.

   G. The proposed activity will not make demands upon natural resources, including, but not limited to, energy resources, which demands are, in the opinion of this Board, excessive when compared with the value of the activity.