Water splashing with text 'Pools and Spas Water Safety: The swimming pool inspection program strives to protect the public through regular inspections and educational guidance.'

Pool water has the potential to spread stomach illness or respiratory disease if chemistry levels are not properly balanced, pool circulation equipment is not properly functioning, and/or swimmers with a contagious illness are swimming.

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Pool Inspections: What Needed to be Fixed in 2022

In 2022, pool and hot tub inspections looked at 57 areas for possible violations. The violations below were the main reasons why pools were closed in 2022.
*These were new regulations introduced in 2022 and facilities were not immediately closed for these violations, but corrections were required within days of inspection.

Fun facts: If you notice a chlorine smell at a pool, it does not mean there is too much chlorine in the water. It could mean the water is dirty and needs to be changed or more chlorine is needed to detoxify the urine, sweat, and other organic wastes in the pool. So, it is advised that you don't pee in the pool and shower before going for a swim to prevent this smell.

You can request to see the chemical records for a public or semi-public pool if you think the water is unsafe. If the records are not available or are blank for the day you're swimming, this could be an indication that the facility is not testing the water chemicals that keep the water safe

Bar graph showing the percentage of What Needed to be Fixed in 2022 regarding Pool Inspection

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