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Family Friendly Pueblo County (FFPC) strives to help businesses by supporting their employees in a variety of ways that align with both the employer and employee needs.

FFPC can help provide guidance on modifying existing policies or adopting new ones to create a family friendly workplace for all.

Become a Family Friendly Workplace!
Pueblo Health Podcast - Making It Work: Family Friendly Workplaces in Pueblo. Episode 37 With Gabby Jimenez

Health Promotion Specialist, Gabby Jimenez, has been working with Pueblo County businesses to become more family friendly.

Hear about the process and how she can help your business (or one of your favorites) take steps to become family friendly.

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Family Friendly Pueblo County

In 2023, seven additional Pueblo businesses have become family friendly, making 19 total businesses since the beginning of this program in 2019.

To create family friendly workplace policies, here are eight components to focus on:

Text image that states Family-Friendly Workplace: Living Wages, Flexibility, Comprehensive Health Benefits, Supportive Services, Paid Leave, Career Development, Care-giving Responsibility, Community Involvement

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