Create a strategic plan of the communities of Pueblo.
The Citizen Review Panel may review and make recommendations concerning grievances of alleged inappropriate conduct by Pueblo County Department of Social Services personnel in the performance of their duties under the dependency or neglect provisions for the Colorado Children's Code, 19-3-101, et seq., C.R.S.
Administration of the Colorado City Cemetery District.
The Community Services Advisory Commission evaluates proposals from Service Agencies desiring to provide Community Services using general funds provided by either the City or County and other allocated City or County funds, which may be provided by the City or County from time to time, and makes recommendations to this Board and City Council regarding such proposals.

1-4 year terms/reappointment is 4 years. Terms are staggered. Commission is composed of 15 members that are appointed as well as one representative from the City and one from the County.

The Community Services Block Grant Advisory Committee shall be a tripartite board composed of low-income people, elected officials or their delegates, and members of the business, labor, religious, law enforcement or education communities that fully participate in the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of the program to serve low-income people. Staggered terms

The Board of County Commissioners of Pueblo County, by Resolution No. 01-134, dated May 8,2001, approved and entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement between the Pueblo West Metropolitan District, Pueblo County,CO and the Desert Hawk Golf Course Enterprise to cooperate and contract among themselves to create a board to promote, manage, operate, develop and maintain the Desert Hawk Golf Course at Pueblo West, which is within the jurisdictional boundaries of each of the parties pursuant to C.R.S. §29-1-202(2)

Staggered Terms

The Board of County Commissioners of Pueblo County established the E-911 Emergency Telephone Service program and surcharge and entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Town of Rye and the Town of Boone to create a separate legal entity known as the E-911 Emergency Telephone Service Authority Board to administer the operation of the E-911 Emergency Telephone Service Program. Section III of the Intergovernmental Agreement has been amended to re-establish the membership of the E-911 board through resolution No. 13-53 dated March 18, 2013. All members are required to have special knowledge and training in the field of emergency management and of the equipment needed to provide emergency services mandated by Colorado Statute.

Term: Staggered Terms

Contact Person(s): Chief Mark Mears, 583-6201, Cynthia Mitchell, County Attorney, 583-6630
Consists of 11 members and 2 ex-officios.

Terms: Indefinite.
The district consists of the counties of El Paso and Pueblo and is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of a representative from the cities of Colorado Springs, Fountain, and Pueblo; El Paso and Pueblo counties; small municipalities in El Paso County; the Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District; and the FCW Citizens Advisory Group. A Technical Advisory Committee and Citizens Advisory Group provide input to the Board.

The district is authorized to manage, administer, and fund the capital improvements necessary in the Fountain Creek Watershed to:

mitigate flooding, erosion and sedimentation;
address water quality issues;
improve drainage;
protect open space;
and develop public recreational opportunities including open space.
The district only has land use authority in the 100-year floodplain between El Paso and Pueblo counties (south of the City of Fountain and north of the City of Pueblo). Outside of this area, the district can provide input to public bodies on land use applications that may have direct or indirect impacts to the watershed.

All meetings usually take place at Fountain City Hall, 116 S. Main Street, Fountain, CO, unless otherwise noted.

Term: variable - 2,3, or 4 years.