1.1 Title

These regulations together with all future amendments shall be known as the "Pueblo County Roadway Design and Construction Standards" (hereafter called STANDARDS).

1.2 Purpose

The purpose of these STANDARDS is to provide a uniform set of minimum standards for the design and construction of roadways and related improvements within Pueblo County. The intent of these STANDARDS is to provide for a minimum standard level of service. If it can be shown that an alternate design, material or procedure will provide a level of service equal to or better than the required design, material, or procedure, said alternate may be approved by the Director of Public Works.

1.3 Applicability

These STANDARDS apply to all new roadway facilities to be constructed within Pueblo County except where other jurisdictions have direct authority (e.g., Colorado Department of Transportation, City of Pueblo, etc.). It is recognized that improvements to existing roadway facilities and construction of new roadway facilities within old townsites or subdivisions may not be possible in complete conformance with these STANDARDS because of existing alignment or grades, poorly laid out lots, right-of-way restrictions or other conditions. In such conditions the Director of Public Works may approve variations from these STANDARDS where safety is not compromised, and where no increase in expected maintenance cost to the County would result.

1.4 Authority

These STANDARDS have been adopted pursuant to the authority conferred within: Article 28 of Title 30; Article 2 of Title 43 and other applicable sections of the Colorado Revised Statutes of 1973, as amended.

1.5 Amendments and Revisions

These STANDARDS may, when deemed necessary, be altered, amended, or revised upon recommendation of the Director of Public Works and upon resolution of the Pueblo County Board of County Commissioners after the appropriate public review.