8.1 General Policies

For the purposes of this Article "work" shall be defined as the providing of labor, materials and equipment necessary for the completion of the construction, re-construction, repair, modification or relocation of road, drainage, traffic control, utility and other structures, appurtenances, or improvements within the right-of-way or related easements as required by a land use approval or allowed by an access or excavation permit.

Pueblo County and Colorado Department of Transportation Construction Specifications.

During the prosecution of the work all materials, performance, and quality of work shall conform to the requirements of these STANDARDS and the most recent edition of the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction. Specific modifications to the CDOT Specifications are made within this Article.

If these STANDARDS or the CDOT Specifications do not cover a specific situation during the course of work, applicable specifications must be approved by or obtained from the Director of Public Works. The Director of Public Works shall be the final authority on the meaning or interpretation of all specifications. In the event of a conflict between these STANDARDS and CDOT Specifications, these STANDARDS shall control.

8.2 Control of Work

All work done within County road right-of-way and applicable work done on private property shall be inspected and documented by Pueblo County to ensure compliance with these STANDARDS, the approved plans, and any subdivision improvements agreement. The Pueblo County Public Works Department shall have the authority to control work as determined by these STANDARDS, decide all questions which may arise as to the quality and acceptability of materials furnished or the work performed, or as to the rate of progress of the work, and to decide all questions as to the interpretation of the approved plans.

The Public Works Department shall, in writing, suspend the work in whole or in part due to the failure of the contractor to correct conditions unsafe for the general public; for failure to carry out provisions of these STANDARDS and approved plans; for failure to carry out written or verbal orders as a result of unsatisfactory work found during inspections; for periods of time due to unsuitable weather conditions; for conditions considered unsuitable for the proper prosecution of the work; or for any other condition or reason deemed to be in the public interest or to protect the public health, safety and welfare.

8.3 Authority of the Inspector

The Public Works Department shall be represented by the Construction Inspector, or other official as designated by the Director of Public Works, who is authorized to inspect all work done and materials furnished. The inspector shall not be authorized to waive any provisions of these STANDARDS or the approved plans, nor to issue instructions contrary to these STANDARDS or the approved plans. The inspector shall not act as a foreman for the contractor nor supervise or direct the work.

8.4 The Project Engineer

The Project Engineer shall be the duly authorized agent of the developer and/or the contractor and has immediate charge of the engineering details of the work. It shall be the responsibility of the Project Engineer:

a. To provide to the Construction Inspector any engineering details, documentation, or any other information regarding the prosecution of the work.

b. To provide to the Public Works Department, for written approval, any proposed alterations to the approved plans and specifications before any such modifications are incorporated into the work.

c. To provide "as-built" plans to the Public Works Department upon completion of all work to be performed on the project as a condition of final approval of the work.

d. To furnish and set construction stakes and marks establishing all lines, grades and measurements necessary to the proper prosecution of the work in its final location as shown on the approved plans.

8.5 Inspection and Testing

To ensure compliance with these STANDARDS and the approved plans, adequate in-progress inspection and testing is required.

All materials and each part or detail of the work shall be subject to the inspection of the Construction Inspector. The Construction Inspector shall be allowed access to all parts of the work and shall be furnished with such information and assistance by the Project Engineer and Contractor as required to make a complete and detailed inspection.

When the construction specifications of other jurisdictions (such as water or sewer districts) are used to govern a portion of the work or are included within the approved plans, written approval shall be provided by the other jurisdictions and made available to the Construction Inspector prior to final acceptance of the work. Regular in-progress materials testing shall be provided to the Construction Inspector in a timely manner during the course of the work, and shall be a requirement of final acceptance. The interval of in- progress materials testing shall conform to the most current testing schedule established by the Colorado Department of Transportation, Materials Testing Section. The number of tests and their location are subject to approval of the Construction Inspector. All materials testing shall be performed by an independent laboratory under the supervision of a Colorado licensed professional engineer at the expense of the developer, Project Engineer or Contractor. Pueblo County Public Works may at its option perform such additional quality control testing as it deems appropriate and necessary or desirable at its own expense.

Any work done or materials used without inspection or testing may be ordered removed or replaced. The Construction Inspector may, at any time before acceptance of the work, direct the contractor to remove or uncover any portion of the finished work. After examination, and after approval of the work by the Construction Inspector, the Contractor shall restore the portions of the work disturbed to the standard required by the plans and specifications.

8.6 Removal of Unacceptable or Unauthorized Work

All work which does not conform to these STANDARDS and the approved plans shall be considered unacceptable work, whether the result of poor workmanship, use of defective materials, damage through carelessness or any other cause found to exist prior to final acceptance of the work. Unacceptable work shall be removed and replaced according to these STANDARDS prior to acceptance of the work.

Work shall not be done without lines and grades per Section 8.4 of this Article. Any work done contrary to the instructions of the Project Engineer or Construction Inspector shall be considered unauthorized and may be ordered removed.

8.7 Use of Approved Plans and Specifications

Any work performed without approved (record set) plans and specifications shall be considered unauthorized and may be ordered removed and the prior existing conditions restored.

The approved plans, specifications, supplementary specifications, standards, supplementary standards and any special provision required or approved by the Public Works Department shall be considered complimentary to describe and provide for complete work.

The Contractor shall not take advantage of any error or omission in the approved plans, standards and specifications. In the event an apparent error or omission is discovered, the Project Engineer and the Construction Inspector shall be notified. The Project Engineer shall make corrections required, subject to approval by the Director of Public Works.

8.8 Final Acceptance

Upon written notice from the developer of the completion of all work, the Construction Inspector shall make a final inspection. If all construction provided for in the approved plans, performance guarantee and/or subdivision improvement agreement is found by the Director of Public Works to be satisfactory, the procedure for acceptance by the Board of County Commissioners for maintenance or release of the performance guarantee may be initiated. If, however, the inspection discloses any work in whole or in part as being unsatisfactory or incomplete, the Director of Public Works shall notify the developer in writing of the deficient items. In the event the work is not complete, the developer is responsible for maintenance of the work until such time as all such items are completed or corrected and a re-inspection has been made.

8.9 Modifications to CDOT Specifications

The following modifications or additions are made to the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction. These modifications and additions shall apply to all work covered under these STANDARDS.

a. Class 6 aggregate base course material shall be crushed material, with at least 50 per cent of the material remaining upon the #4 sieve having at least two fractured faces. No slag based Class 6 aggregate base course material will be allowed as a final surface treatment. Slag based Class 6 aggregate base course will be acceptable for base material under a final asphalt or concrete paving course.

b. Aggregate for Hot Bituminous Paving shall conform to the following:

Grading C--50 percent of the material passing through the 3/4 inch sieve and retained upon the # 4 sieve shall have a minimum of two fractured faces.

Grading CX--50 per cent of the material passing through the 1/2 inch sieve and retained upon the # 4 sieve shall have a minimum of two fractured faces.

c. Borrow material--All borrow material used within the right-of-way shall meet the following requirements and be subject to approval of the Public Works Department:

All borrow material shall be non-organic, and contain no trash or perishables nor particles exceeding 4 inches in size, and shall have a minimum dry density of 90 lbs./cu. ft.

All borrow material shall consist of material which is essentially a granular soil with a

minimum "R" value of 40, a maximum liquid limit of 30, a maximum plasticity index of 6,

and the following grain size distribution:

Sieve Designation %Passing
4 inch 100
#200 3-20

d. Culvert pipe--All culvert pipe installed within the public right-of-way shall conform to one of the following:

Corrugated steel pipe--16 gauge or heavier, annular or spiral with annular ends, in compliance with AASHTO designation M 36.

Reinforced concrete pipe--compliance with AASHTO designation M 170.

High density polyethylene pipe--type "s" smooth interior wall, in conformance with AASHTO designation M 294.

e. Aggregate base course material for final surface of gravel roads shall have a maximum liquid limit of 25, a plasticity index of 6 or less, and shall consist of a crushed naturally occurring rock material (no slag) with at least 50 per cent of the material remaining on the number 4 sieve having at least two fractured faces. In addition the material will meet the following gradation

Sieve Designation % Passing
1" 100
1/2" 75 - 85
no. 4 30 - 65
no. 8 25 - 55
no. 200 12 - 18

All other CDOT specifications for aggregate base course not modified above shall apply.