9.1 Wherever the following words, phrases or abbreviations appear in these STANDARDS they shall have the following meanings.

AASHTO - The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

ASTM - The American Society for Testing Materials.

CDOT - The Colorado Department of Transportation.

Construction Plans - Detailed working plans including plan and profile, details, notes and any other information necessary for complete construction of the required improvements.

Contractor - Shall mean a person, partnership or corporation performing work within the public right-of-way.

County - Pueblo County, Colorado.

Design Speed - A speed determined for design and correlation of physical features of a road that influence vehicle operation; the maximum safe speed maintainable on a specified section of road when conditions permit design features to govern. Design speed is generally higher than the posted speed limit in order to provide a factor of safety and consider other conditions or uses of the road which may affect vehicle operation.

Developer - Person, partnership or corporation legally responsible for the construction of roads within a subdivision or development.

Construction Inspector - Authorized representative of the Public Works Department assigned to make inspections for assurance of compliance of construction with the approved plans and these STANDARDS.

May - A permissive condition. No requirement for design or application is intended.

New road and new road construction -- terms which may apply to any and all of the following:

a) Road created by new subdivision process where no road previously existed.

b) Road which previously existed physically on the ground but was not accepted for maintenance by Pueblo County, and where request is being made that the County accept the road for maintenance.

c) Road where a platted or deeded right-of-way has previously existed but the road was never physically constructed.

Shall - A mandatory condition. Where certain requirements in the design or application are described with the "shall" stipulation, it is mandatory that these requirements be met.

Should - An advisory condition. Where the word "should" is used, it is considered to be advisable with deviations allowed when evidence or reasons are provided that the intent of the design standards is met.

Sub-base - The layer or layers of specified or selected material of designed thickness placed on the sub-grade to support a base course.

Sub-grade - The top surface of a roadbed upon which the pavement structure and shoulders including curb and gutter are constructed.

Superelevation -- The raised portion of a roadway above the normal cross slope to prevent a vehicle from sliding outward from centrifugal force.