2.08.010 Policy

  1. All board membership vacancies shall be advertised in a newspaper of general circulation in the community and in the manner best designed to reach and encourage all interested individuals to apply for appointment with the Board;
  2. All applications for appointment shall be referred initially to the appropriate county officer, employee or agency for review and recommendation to the Board of the top candidates to fill such vacancies;
  3. The county officer, employee or agency coordinating the review and recommendation process shall forward to the Board all applications received for the appointment along with a recommendation from the county officer, employee or agency as to the top candidates;
  4. The number of recommendations shall be at least one hundred fifty (150) percent of the number of individuals to be appointed; and
  5. Unless otherwise required by statute, rule, regulation, contractual term, organic law, or administrative provision for internal governance, term limits do not apply to individuals appointed to any given Board position.  Said individuals shall be appointed to serve at the pleasure of the Board of County Commissioners. 
    (Res. 93-143 §§ 1-4, Res. 13-221 §5)